Saturday, March 21, 2009

The End : Battlestar Galactica

The audience after the 4th replay of Cash4Gold

Last night's BSG was splendid - other than the huge number of commercials that SciFi crammed into the latter half of the show. How many? The show ran over 11 minutes, is how many. On the excesses of capitalism scale, 1 being $3 bottles of water at the basketball game and 10 being the metaphysical corporate ownership of Rollerball, it was only a 2. But it made me want to Torrent the cleaned copy by 30 minutes in.

One commercial I didn't mind was the trailer for April's premier of Caprica. My wife wasn't impressed with the concept of the show, but considering that I've watched BSG for the drama, a companion show more rooted in fiction rather than the science fantasy looks pretty tasty.

Discussion in the comments for those interested, and spoilers will be discussed. Galactica Sitrep has great links.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Interlude

And check out February 18th recording of the Flobots on etown - the last jam of "So Happy Together" is pretty interesting.

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