Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sequel

All this about the hate and the fear over Obama at the GOP rallies this week . .

It's just simply what the right-wing did with the Clintons, turned up to 11.

If the Clintons have a body count - Barack Hussein Obama has active terrorist connections & will convert the nation to his radical Islamic beliefs.

The GOP would paint Eisenhower as a tax & spending soft-on-socialism racial miscegenationist if Ike ran as a Democrat. Theodore Roosevelt would be a secret Socialist intent on a coup d'etat through the Vice-Presidency.

I suppose if Clinton was the Democratic nominee, the 20% of true-believers would be asserting that she's been a closet lesbian waiting to divorce Bill and make heterosexual marriage illegal.

Oh, my country . . .

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When Desperation Reeks

The McCain/Palin campaign has slithered into the depths of hell.

Not only has this latest display exposed them as the frauds that they are; no real ideas, lying about "honorable" campaigning and their inability to focus on a unified message that relates to something that the American people care about. This latest episode in the erratic McCain campaign has also shown that John McCain is completely unable to even control his own crowds.

If he cannot get a handle on the few hundred radicals in his crowds, how on earth can he be expected to be able to handle being Commander in Chief?

As President, McCain will be expected to handle all kinds of frightening and overwhelming tasks. He will have to control the unruly and provide leadership in really trying times. His latest town halls have proven that he is not a leader, not in any way, shape or form. He has appeared impotent and weak...not at all the reassuring leader that we need at this time.

McCain and Palin are playing with fire. They can't control it and they do not have any ideas of how to deal with what they have created.

McCain now looks even more feeble and weak than he did before. Their "tactic" has backfired and they have proven that they have no strategy. Their Desperation Reeks and the smell is overpowering even them.

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Is it me?

. . or was President Bush slurring his words again Friday morning at that news conference that was supposed to reassure investors?

God knows that man has never been an orator, but he seemed unspecific, wan, and withdrawn even on the radio.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Intentional

There has been a lot of talk about the radical nature of the McCain-Palin campaigns. The angry mob gatherings.

What's worse is that the people are not only all whipped up about Obama and socialists and terrorists, etc people are terrified about the financial crisis.

A recent study has shown that when people become insecure they are more apt to believe in conspiracy theories; conspiracy theories like the one that Barack Obama is somehow an actual terrorist. So, not only are people freaked the fuck out about their entire financial existence and their abilities to stay in their homes and feed their families, they are also more susceptible to being mind-fucked.

We also know that depression increases and so do crime rates when the economy tanks.

The McCain-Palin campaign is taking an environment where there has been an extreme drought, an excessive amount of dry underbrush and they are throwing gasoline on it and fanning the flames.

I believe that this is intentional. They want to incite riots. This is their intent. The pundits are all asking "why is he doing this? This is a bad campaign strategy." It is not a bad campaign strategy if they want to call off the elections.

Remember when Coyote brought up that story in the Army Times? It makes sense now, doesn't it?

Well, yes I am paranoid (times of insecurity cause that, you know,) but just because I am paranoid does not mean that they aren't out to get us.

McCain's bizarre campaign does not make sense unless causing riots is his intent.

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Vacation Observation

We're back from Minneapolis - I think we had a good time, although it went much too fast for all of us.

My daughter would have gone to the amusement park in Mall of America every day if she could. Which isn't surprising, the MOA park has always been geared to the elementary-age whom don't want to shop-until-you-drop with their older teen sibs or . . ewww . . parents. That's changed in the last few years as the park has added two Gerstlauer excellent short-track coasters and a half-pipe spinning coaster. When coupled to the off-season, a poor economy, and the ability to walk up and ride without a wait, we had a great time - even if she wouldn't ride anything that went higher then 5 feet off the ground.

One thing that I noticed is that the GOP and McCain campaigns have really worked to get residential signs up in the suburbs. It almost feels they've tried too hard in some ways - or that the campaign is desperately trying to show strength when polling clearly has Minnesota as probable Obama win. Lots of lots peppered with every GOP candidates' signs, big huge signs in itty-bitty front yards, homes with McCain signs posted high in the trees so they could been seen further by passing drivers.

I've seen this behaviour before, and it reeks of the desperation of the true believer in the face of unlikely odds.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dying of Shame

John McCain looked a little older last night. A little more decrepit. A little less able to move around the room in the "town hall" setting that supposedly benefits him. If there is any humanity left in him, I might be thinking that he was dying of shame.

Someone else noticed that McCain seemed pissed just because he had to share the stage with a black man. I saw that too, quite a while ago.

McCain makes it clear that it is not only pure injustice that he, a man from a family of slave owners, would have to share the stage with a black man; McCain is indignant that he would even have to campaign against him.

Then I read this and some of the articles that it links to.

McCain's obvious racist indignation and disgusting behavior over the last few weeks is enough to have him hang his head and quietly leave the public eye forever. Just retire to one of your many homes Johnny Mac. Please let us be, spare us from your ugliness.

Unfortunately, the danger that McCain and Palin are engaged in are enough for us all to be ashamed. As a Nation we cannot stand for this. We cannot allow the McCain campaign to smear the entire nation with their bigotry and their dangerous attempts to incite violence. It might be too late for him to just walk away though; the behavior that he is participating in must be punished.

John McCain, it seems, would rather encourage the death of his opponent than lose an election. This kind of behavior should not be celebrated; he should be arrested, thrown in prison and held up as the living example of our disgusting past. A past that we will not return to.

John McCain is not just old - it seems that John McCain is dying of shame.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Will Continue to Harp

I know that I have been harping on this for quite a while now and I will continue to do so until I am certain that we have won this election.

The GOP is doing everything possible to make sure that they steal this election. They have purged voters from the rolls by the millions. It is terrifying that these people might just get away with this.

According to Greg Palast on the Thom Hartmann show, 20% of voters in Colorado have been purged. 20%!!

I am furious at these GOP assholes and I am angry that the Democratic Party is not working harder to address this. So, it is up to us to educate the people and to share the truth.

The Republicans scream endlessly about the nonexistent "voter fraud" while the Dems are virtually silent about the Election Fraud. Again, the voters are doing just fine, leave them alone. It is the people working to rig the elections that are the problem.

A few tips from Palast:

Check your registration.

• Do not accept a provisional ballot; they are placebos and will be thrown away.

• You must raise hell if you have been purged. Be ready for a fight.

• Do not mail in your vote. If you are an absentee voter and have been purged, you will not be notified. If you have been purged, your vote will be thrown away and you will never know that your vote has been thrown away.

• Vote early where you can and if there is a problem - raise hell! If you vote early you have more of an opportunity to contact attorneys and get the help that you need to be reinstated.

Educate others.

Raise Hell!

Palast has teamed with Bobby Kennedy and they have written a comic book; Steal Back Your Vote! It is a detailed book showing exactly what the GOP have done and includes instructions on how to combat it.

Please, pass it on.

I know that the polls look really good right now, however, it does not matter which candidate you prefer if they do not count your vote.

UPDATE: Demand that your candidates stand up for voters and take the pledge.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

I Have Stuff to Do

OK, I have been out ill for a couple of weeks so I am really far behind, on everything. Everywhere I turn, however, there are so many things that need to be read. Jeebus. There is a ton of news out there!

Here are some quick hits, that I felt worth the share.

Sarah's mindless populism.
It is "us against them" - in the sleaziest way.

McCain campaign is empty. It is very empty, like those gas pumps in Georgia.

A couple of ways to suppress the votes. It by no means includes all of them, or even a portion of them, but it is a nice easy slide show for those low info voters (whose votes will probably be suppressed.)

Howard Wolfson is pretty damned confident. I am not this confident, but the news is a whole lot better than it was a month ago.

"Just like us!" Really people, are you sure you want someone as VP who is just like your neighbor, cousin, the grocery store clerk? Really? Someone vindictive and cruel and selfish and stupid? Someone who lacks the intellectual curiosity of a chimp? Are you sure? America, the land of mediocrity.

I am done now. I have stuff to do.

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Another Un(der) Reported Story

I find it really interesting that "the most popular governor in America" is having a difficult time getting people to show up at her her own state.

Repeatedly, the competing Obama/Biden rallies outnumber the Palin ones.

Mudflats has excellent pictures (and a terrific blog, BTW.) I have found that Alaska Progressive Blogs are exceptionally well-written and tend to have all of the inside scoop on everything. I love them.

Enjoy the pics and the homemade signs.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

8 Out of 10 Economists Prefer Obama

8 out of 10!

The best quote from the article:

“The minimum rating of one severely overestimates the quality of Bush’s economic policies,” says one non-aligned economist.

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