Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Intentional

There has been a lot of talk about the radical nature of the McCain-Palin campaigns. The angry mob gatherings.

What's worse is that the people are not only all whipped up about Obama and socialists and terrorists, etc people are terrified about the financial crisis.

A recent study has shown that when people become insecure they are more apt to believe in conspiracy theories; conspiracy theories like the one that Barack Obama is somehow an actual terrorist. So, not only are people freaked the fuck out about their entire financial existence and their abilities to stay in their homes and feed their families, they are also more susceptible to being mind-fucked.

We also know that depression increases and so do crime rates when the economy tanks.

The McCain-Palin campaign is taking an environment where there has been an extreme drought, an excessive amount of dry underbrush and they are throwing gasoline on it and fanning the flames.

I believe that this is intentional. They want to incite riots. This is their intent. The pundits are all asking "why is he doing this? This is a bad campaign strategy." It is not a bad campaign strategy if they want to call off the elections.

Remember when Coyote brought up that story in the Army Times? It makes sense now, doesn't it?

Well, yes I am paranoid (times of insecurity cause that, you know,) but just because I am paranoid does not mean that they aren't out to get us.

McCain's bizarre campaign does not make sense unless causing riots is his intent.


idiosynchronic said...

Add it this: Panic attacks.
And nowhere is this emotion on plainer display than at Republican rallies, where voters this week have shouted out insults at the mention of Obama, pleaded with McCain to get more aggressive with the Democrat and generally demonstrated the sort of visceral anger and unease that reflects a party on the precipice of panic.

iamcoyote said...

Of course, idio, that one black guy pleading for McCain to bring it to Obama was a local hate-wing radio shithead. Prolly a plant.

But yes, they want violence, but they also want money. I think McCain's hoping they'll contribute to his campaign debt, just like fearful godbots will give their last cent to buy the preacher a new Lexus.