Monday, October 6, 2008

I Have Stuff to Do

OK, I have been out ill for a couple of weeks so I am really far behind, on everything. Everywhere I turn, however, there are so many things that need to be read. Jeebus. There is a ton of news out there!

Here are some quick hits, that I felt worth the share.

Sarah's mindless populism.
It is "us against them" - in the sleaziest way.

McCain campaign is empty. It is very empty, like those gas pumps in Georgia.

A couple of ways to suppress the votes. It by no means includes all of them, or even a portion of them, but it is a nice easy slide show for those low info voters (whose votes will probably be suppressed.)

Howard Wolfson is pretty damned confident. I am not this confident, but the news is a whole lot better than it was a month ago.

"Just like us!" Really people, are you sure you want someone as VP who is just like your neighbor, cousin, the grocery store clerk? Really? Someone vindictive and cruel and selfish and stupid? Someone who lacks the intellectual curiosity of a chimp? Are you sure? America, the land of mediocrity.

I am done now. I have stuff to do.

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DB said...

"Us" vs "them" is typical conservative politics. The best strategy for them to win is to draw the line in the sand and force people to choose a side. I am glad Republican dominance of political America is near its end.