Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fristing The Subject

I know Coyote wants to chew on McOld, and there will be plenty of that to follow. But consider this everyone's warning:

I've fucking had it with the pie fight. As I put it earlier, "There's obsequious stupidity, inane insanity, and general ashooooooolery to beat down and drivel upon."

And I'm not talking about the Republicans - I am talking about the party of Change and Experience. Or the party of Calculation and Naivete, depending on which over-latted, biscotti-encrusted keyboard warrior you happen to tune into at the moment.

At its worst before December 2007, the liberal blog-o-nauts have always risked becoming which they so loudly despised - Cheeto stained un-critical goosesteppers and yeasayers for their candidates and party. Pining pundits fawning over any media encounter they could get a mic at. It doesn't matter if its baked or fried, but if you have a salty bright orange hue on your person.

The threshold has been crossed, the rubicon bridged. And in true Democratic fashion, there are not only circular firing squads, but concentric rings of them. And if some fool figures out that Swooping Rhetoric could be used to negate gravity, the Party would expand it's Matrix of Political Gotcha into 3 dimensions.

Consider yourselves warned. This nattering nematode haz got a BLAWG.

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Back in Black

Yeah, that's right.

You think that was hideous? Just imagine if it was John McCain filling in for Brian Johnson.

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Go for it, people

So, who wants to play?

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