Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dying of Shame

John McCain looked a little older last night. A little more decrepit. A little less able to move around the room in the "town hall" setting that supposedly benefits him. If there is any humanity left in him, I might be thinking that he was dying of shame.

Someone else noticed that McCain seemed pissed just because he had to share the stage with a black man. I saw that too, quite a while ago.

McCain makes it clear that it is not only pure injustice that he, a man from a family of slave owners, would have to share the stage with a black man; McCain is indignant that he would even have to campaign against him.

Then I read this and some of the articles that it links to.

McCain's obvious racist indignation and disgusting behavior over the last few weeks is enough to have him hang his head and quietly leave the public eye forever. Just retire to one of your many homes Johnny Mac. Please let us be, spare us from your ugliness.

Unfortunately, the danger that McCain and Palin are engaged in are enough for us all to be ashamed. As a Nation we cannot stand for this. We cannot allow the McCain campaign to smear the entire nation with their bigotry and their dangerous attempts to incite violence. It might be too late for him to just walk away though; the behavior that he is participating in must be punished.

John McCain, it seems, would rather encourage the death of his opponent than lose an election. This kind of behavior should not be celebrated; he should be arrested, thrown in prison and held up as the living example of our disgusting past. A past that we will not return to.

John McCain is not just old - it seems that John McCain is dying of shame.


idiosynchronic said...

Sorry I've been gone. I literally have been on vacation - but not in any place so exotic as Mexico, unlike Seven. Minneapolis.

We're cheap and my kid doesn't handle sitting in a seat for long periods well.

iamcoyote said...

McCain doesn't know shame any more than Bush or any 'puke does. They know it's a useful tool to pretend, especially when they want to get back on their base's good side. But anyone who stands on a stage and says "that one" to another human has no shame. Anyone who can lie like he does, has no shame. Fuck 'im. The only thing he deserves is contempt.

Anjha said...

Welcome home Id. I was getting worried.

Can you not even leave a note?!

Coyote, I have felt nothing but contempt for John McCain for quite a while now. Husband and I used to have arguments where he would tell me about the McCain of 2000. I would say that there is no such guy. You see where they would go...

Not anymore. Husband is seeing what a piece of shit he is.