Friday, October 10, 2008

Vacation Observation

We're back from Minneapolis - I think we had a good time, although it went much too fast for all of us.

My daughter would have gone to the amusement park in Mall of America every day if she could. Which isn't surprising, the MOA park has always been geared to the elementary-age whom don't want to shop-until-you-drop with their older teen sibs or . . ewww . . parents. That's changed in the last few years as the park has added two Gerstlauer excellent short-track coasters and a half-pipe spinning coaster. When coupled to the off-season, a poor economy, and the ability to walk up and ride without a wait, we had a great time - even if she wouldn't ride anything that went higher then 5 feet off the ground.

One thing that I noticed is that the GOP and McCain campaigns have really worked to get residential signs up in the suburbs. It almost feels they've tried too hard in some ways - or that the campaign is desperately trying to show strength when polling clearly has Minnesota as probable Obama win. Lots of lots peppered with every GOP candidates' signs, big huge signs in itty-bitty front yards, homes with McCain signs posted high in the trees so they could been seen further by passing drivers.

I've seen this behaviour before, and it reeks of the desperation of the true believer in the face of unlikely odds.


Anjha said...

Id there were complaints recently about the inability of the Obama campaign to get yards signs out. The complainer was reminded that the volunteers were doing everything possible to register voters before the deadlines and could not focus on yard signs.

Another thing is that the Obama campaign is charging for the signs. Obama's signs are Union made - so they are really expensive. People have not been educated about this.

Also, Obama signs get stolen because the GOP are fucking criminals. We have had numerous signs taken out of our yard. They are just radical jerks.

idiosynchronic said...

I'm quite well aware of the Obama campaign's choices with yard signage - but that simply was not the issue I was addressing. The advertising displays for McCain, not in comparison, but in itself, reeks of aggressive behaviour.

I came back home to see similar things in my Republican burg - yards carpeted in signage for Republican candidates. Not one or a couple, but the whole shebang.

And yes, the pro-Obama & Democrat signage has disappeared in the dark of the night almost as quick as it appears here too. The thuggery is not only aggressive to the head of the ticket, but any Democrat running.

iamcoyote said...

We just got our Women for Obama bumper stickers after ordering them weeks ago and they're tiny!

snark said...

The Obama campaign just recently opened a campaign office here in our town. They're sharing space with a local state representative up for re-election. They don't need to be here but it's nice that they are. I stopped in the other day the get a bumper sticker. They were all out. Out of yard signs too. And I really wanted one because my dumbass repub. neighbor has a McCain-Palin sign in his yard. Only one I've seen in the entire town. He's such a tool.

Seven of Six said...

Hilarious... more Obama/Biden bumper stickers here in Mexico than McSame/Palin.