Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sequel

All this about the hate and the fear over Obama at the GOP rallies this week . .

It's just simply what the right-wing did with the Clintons, turned up to 11.

If the Clintons have a body count - Barack Hussein Obama has active terrorist connections & will convert the nation to his radical Islamic beliefs.

The GOP would paint Eisenhower as a tax & spending soft-on-socialism racial miscegenationist if Ike ran as a Democrat. Theodore Roosevelt would be a secret Socialist intent on a coup d'etat through the Vice-Presidency.

I suppose if Clinton was the Democratic nominee, the 20% of true-believers would be asserting that she's been a closet lesbian waiting to divorce Bill and make heterosexual marriage illegal.

Oh, my country . . .

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Anjha said...

You are correct, Idio, the hunting of the president will probably much worse with Obama that it was Clinton. Especially when one considers that there are virtually NO moderate Republicans left. They are all these rabid neoconservatives who would not understand moderation if saving the world depended upon it (which I argue, it does.)

However, there are a few things that will be different than Clinton. First of all, Obama will have a Democratic majority. If we are lucky he might have a veto proof one....we can only hope.

Also, Obama has Biden who will act as legislative liaison. This will be extremely helpful because Biden understands the Congress intimately and will be able to help to get legislation through.

In addition, Obama will have the people. The people of the country are paying attention in a way that they have not in decades. Because the people are involved - and because I think that Obama will govern in such a way as to keep them involved - the neocons might not be able to get away with the hunting of the president like they did with Clinton.

One last thing, Obama truly believes in this post partisan crap. As much as I want him to get into office and make the bastards pay; I think that Obama will honestly do what is best for the country even if that means not making them pay.

This all presumes that this election will not be stolen. Watch out - the Republican narrative of ACORN and voter fraud is taking hold. Fucking Rossi even brought it up in the debate with Gregoire the other day.

These assholes are attempting to cover up their election fraud by claiming this bullshit. I am so sick of Republicans. So sick of them.