Sunday, October 12, 2008

Infectious Disease

We have been talking alot about the disgusting tactics of the McCain campaign.

It can also be said that McCain has not only lost control of his supporters, he has also lost control of his campaign.

What we have not yet talked about, though Idiosynchronic touched on it, is what this vitriol actually means for our country. How are we going to be living with each other, Left and Right, if Obama is elected?

I have attempted to allow myself to think about that prospect, rather than the terrifying 'what ifs' that the McCain campaign behavior evokes, and unfortunately, that is frightening as well.

We know that there is nothing that ties people together more than a common enemy. With some shame, I have to admit that even our very own behavior during the primary proved this. As long as we could attack the Right Wing, or the President, we were all united and stayed together and stuck up for one another. We attacked the trolls together; we were united in a common cause.

During the Primary race, however, some of us turned on each other. There were the Clinton people and the Obama people and although our little blog has put that behind us, we can see at TLC that some of that wounding still bleeds. It is a sad thing to admit to - human nature and what that says about us, our common enemy mentality...sad or not, we have seen this repeat itself over and over again throughout history.

This is the danger of what the McCain campaign is doing. Even more so, maybe, than the frightening prospects of what kind of crazy that they might be bringing out, I am afraid of what awaits us when we have an Obama presidency.

People are friggin' desperate right now. People are afraid and they are getting down to the very base of survival: food, clothing, shelter. When people are facing an economy like we are facing there are two directions that they can go (sometimes they will participate in both, simultaneously). These directions are either to pull together as one people, holding each other up, helping out, feeding neighbors and friends, housing each other. The other way that people can go is to form a mob and attack the one who they "blame" for their circumstances.

In this terrifying video, of McCain/Palin supporters in line for a rally, we can see which direction these people are going. The people in this video blame Obama personally for everything from 9/11 to the housing crisis. To these people, Obama is the demon that Palin and McCain have painted for them. They have drawn out this clear picture and they cannot take it back. They cannot change what they have done.

Not only is this devastating for the election, but they seek to tear apart our country in such an extreme way that we might not be able to recover from all of the challenges that we face. Obama, at every one of his rallies, calls for us to come together and states clearly that we must come together as a unified country if we are to survive what we face. McCain and Palin have proposed division. Violence begets violence and in this case they are spreading the disease in such a way that we are all in danger. Not just Obama. These people want revenge and any Liberal will do.

This cannot be over soon enough. My fear though, is that even after McCain and Palin shut the fuck up...we will have Hannity and Rush and O'Reilly continuing the hate fest.


Seven of Six said...

People are friggin' desperate right now. People are afraid and they are getting down to the very base of survival: food, clothing, shelter.

It's getting rough in the workplaces as well.

My wife is the shop steward. She had about 50 messages on her phone when we got back in town, most about impending layoffs. 20% across the board at the first of the year.

Another corporate fear tactic to use against Obama, vote for McShit and save your job.

When the reality is, vote Obama and have strength in numbers by keeping your job stateside.

Anjha said...

SoS, I have a hard time believing that people cannot remember just 8 years ago when Clinton had created 22 million jobs, we had surpluses, the national debt was less than half of now...can people not remember that it is Democrats that stir good economies????

Seriously. How dumb do people have to be to believe that somehow, the people who have the philosophy that got us into this mess can somehow be counted on to get us out?

Obama has over a double digit lead on economics, it all comes down to whether or not people will allow race and fear mongering to take precedent over pocket book concerns. That is the clear cut question.

Seven of Six said...

The man's judgement has been sound in every category compared to McErratic!

Anjha said...

Hey has anyone heard from Milo recently?

I am wondering if he is OK.