Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cleese on Palin

I have no idea if it's good clip - I'm posting it here so I can find it later from My Left Wing. My remote session doesn't have sound. But considering John's blistering tongue, it can't be pleasant.


Anjha said...

Wow, Id, you sure like risk taking don't you?

Actually Cleese was pretty funny, telling us all that Palin is nothing more than a parrot. She memorizes her lines well.

But, Cleese is brilliant- he has more intellect in his little finger than Palin has in her entire family.

Seven of Six said...

Fucking hilarious Id... "Michael Palin not the funniest Palin anymore!"
"Monty Python could have written that script!".

His bursting out laughing at the question of Sarah Palin was the best part of the whole bit!

idiosynchronic said...

I'm sure some ignoramus has tried swatting at Cleese, calling him a pompous elite. To which John would effectively give them the intellectual middle finger.