Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama Fights For Us

I was going to take a nap, but I was distracted by this:

Letter from the Obama campaign to Attorney General Mukasey

I can't quote from it because it is a picture (and I don't feel like transcribing) but Obama is going after the DOJ for illegally leaking the investigation into ACORN, for participating in partisan political activity and for intimidating voters. Obama is taking them to task for everything. Read the letter. It is fabulous.

Iglesias says history is repeating itself, and Conyers is going after them as well.

Over at home base someone was asking why isn't Obama saying more about the ACORN issue and telling the truth...well, I think we see why. He now has quite a case.

Damn. I never thought I would see the day when Dems quit being wimpy pussies and would actually fight for us on this issue. Today is the day.

Count every vote!


Anjha said...

Now, if we could only get dj moonbat to do some analysis...

iamcoyote said...

Yeah~! He's a lawyer in't he?

Maddow had a great rundown of the implications on Olberman, who had Obama's head counsel on to explain what was going on. Brilliant move. Just brilliant.

Seven of Six said...

A Democrat with a spine! Fighting for the people! Fighting for our votes! Fighting for Democracy! A Democrat with a spine! That feels good to say... finally!!

iamcoyote said...

Did you read the whole thing? It's pretty good, but it relies heavily on Iglasias, it seems to me. Where's our guy, Anjha? Whatsisname? And there's a link to TPM. My first thought was "he's referencing a blog?" Won't that hurt him? But really, Josh did do the best coverage of the whole story.

Anjha said...

Where's our guy, Anjha? Whatsisname?


I know that I should know what you are talking about, but I don't. Dammit.

And I know that when you tell me, I will go, "OH YA."

I think it is OK to rely on reporting from TPM because it was award winning reporting - wasn't it? Also, didn't the congressional hearings rely on TPM?

Anjha said...

It's late. I am full of HUHs?

Yes, I read the whole letter, outloud. Screaming in excitement to my husband.

idiosynchronic said...

The Party has a habit however of starting strong and then abandoning these issues much later . . as human nature is. (believe me, I'm the poster child for the problem) I'm glad for this, but unless I get a time traveler copy of the Times from Sept. 2009 indicting several Bush appointees for partisan abuses of power, I'm not cheering them yet.

iamcoyote said...

Ah, that's who it was, McKay. A WA State prosecutor who was fired just like Iglasias. He wasn't mentioned in the letter, was he? I'll have to look at it again.

Anyhow, I haven't seen anyone but Olberman and Maddow discuss this yet. They're just showing the Penguin, I mean, McCain's speech on the news channels.

idio, doesn't an incoming prez usually fire and hire prosecutors? I remember it being said when the scandal started. It was a scandal because those firings happened mid-term and were 'pukes and that's why people started looking into the reasons.

Anjha said...

A president can fire the US Prosecutors anytime for any reason.

Everyone had a shit fit when Clinton fired all of them (or almost all, I don't feel like looking it up) on his arrival into office.

GW fired a bunch at a strange time and then gave wierd ass answers as to why. If he would have just said, "I did it because I wanted to and I don't need a reason" it would not have been an issue. But he gave some bogus answer.

He is too dumb to be a mob chief.