Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Declaring Gin and Winning with a Busted Flush

My now departed Grandfather always tried to teach me how to play cards when I was little and bored. His favorite was Cassino - which was a dry joke for him. He was wounded by shrapnel and lost a finger at the tail end of Monte Cassino. Cassino is a tough game to learn, especially for an 8 year-old, so I would eventually just give in and shout "Gin!" - usually after the big Cassino got played - and laugh uproariously, throwing the cards everywhere. Luckily, Grandpa Greg was a good sport.

I bring it up because the McCain campaign is apparently considering declaring VP in order to get the attention off the other side.

(h/t Pandagon)

Update: Alaska Republican Governor Sarah Palin is now enmeshed in a large scandal (kos link) for using and firing state personnel for personal concerns. Gov. Palin had been seen as the Great White Female Hope in the GOP Veepstakes.

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