Saturday, August 23, 2008

Burnt, Motherfuckers!

Damn, well, I guess we got told.
I'd have loved to have been surprised by one of the "Jaded, seen it all, SO over it" sites NOT posting the "Biden is SUCH a terrible choice" essays that practically FLEW up as soon as the choice was announced.

But NO, up they went, as predictable as a face-lift on an over-forty sex-kitten.

Every. Single. One.

Not a single one of those Oh-So-Above-It-All Sites bothered to put a moment's thought into the POSSIBILITY of this being a decent choice before posting their "WHAT a Predictable Centrist Sell-Out But What Else Do You Expect From Obama The Corporate Establisment Dream Candidate" Posts.

At once disappointing, annoying, predictable and boring themselves -- and mildly nauseating.

Luckily, we didn't, but I certainly carry a fairly non-impressed opinion of Biden. So instead of charbroiled, I'm singed. But I still love MSOC, and am glad she's posting again regularly.

Biden obviously has a lot of positives, otherwise Obama wouldn't have chosen him. The one thing that truly gets me hopeful is the idea that Biden would be an attack dog - and one that has intimate Senatorial knowledge of how to fuck with John McCain.


iamcoyote said...

I've seen MSOC at Eurotrib lately, causin' a ruckus.

I watched the whole event in Springfield, and thought it hit all the right points for a kickoff to the convention. You're never going to please netizens because that's our job, to be against things the politicians do. If the general public were hooked into the event by the novelty of the texting and the suspense of the announcement, I'll bet a lot of people are going to see something they liked. It was a good message, I thought, even knowing the flaws of both of them.

It was funny watch faux "news" try to make a big deal out of the "your next president" goof as if it had deep abiding import. And for all the people who have been screaming for Obama to attack, it looks like he's started. Good enough for me.

The impression I get from net folk is that they've/we've been burned so many times before, no one wants to believe something good can come of this pair, or some hate them so much, they don't want anything good to come out of them just to be proven right. Whatever, as long as McCain doesn't win.

Seven of Six said...

I'm waiting with baited breath for McCryptkeeper's head to explode! Once the temper is out of the bag, he's toast.
I think Biden will do his best to hit the nerves that McLame has left. "Noun, Verb... I'm a P.O.W."