Friday, August 29, 2008

She's the Wall Street Choice.

Wow. So McCain picked Palin. And her nomination is doing exactly what McCain's campaign calculated she would do: suck every last bit of oxygen out of the media concerning this week's Democratic convention & it's historic nomination and speech in Denver.

What is very apparent however is that Palin's credentials seriously cast doubt on her experience and ability. Her story is very shallow. And she's just been named the President-in-waiting, both in terms of McCain's health and that the VP automatically becomes the lead contender for the office when McCain would step down after 2 terms.

Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen for very shallow and short-term reasons in the Presidential campaign - she was chosen by an executive who places more concern in short-term gains over long-term stability and growth, both in his campaign an in the operation of his country and his party.

That should be the meme. She's the Wall Street choice not because of her oil industry ties, but because she was the obvious short-term choice whom would bury the emerging Democratic lead. Short-term profit over long-term growth.

There are some real challenges here, however. One, Americans love attractive, personable . . celebrities. We may not like her politics, but how many people are going to see only her attractive face when they evaluate her? Two, Steve is absolutely correct that the Democratic campaign will have to be incredibly cautious in attacking and engaging in debate with Palin - Sarah Palin is a former journalist, and journalists love to love their people. Add to that her looks, and Biden could easily look like he's stomping on the cute, dumb puppy that likes to chew on the cuffs of your pants. If Dan Quayle could elicit that reaction by America, Sarah Palin could easily do it.

Update: When Chez agrees with me, I know I've hit the right note.
Because don't think for a second that he truly believes Sarah Palin is ready to lead the free world should something render him unable to. No, what John McCain believes is that Sarah Palin can lead enough women to the polls to win him the presidency.


iamcoyote said...

Attractive? Nah.

idiosynchronic said...

Disregarding politics & personality, yes.

She's currently catching comparisons to Tina Fey, who is teh H4wt in my book. Some of this is because Fey could easily skewer Palin's personality. It'd be like Laura Dern playing Fla Sec. of State Kathryn Harris.

Seven of Six said...

Hammer home the current investigation in her home state of AK.

I can't believe they would be ballsy enough to pick someone still under investigation! But it flies right into the Republi-con tradition!

idiosynchronic said...

What Republican isn't under investigation? Her troopergate looks very small right now.

Right now . .

iamcoyote said...

Yeah, idio, you were right, I was trying to do a thing about McCain's trollop thing and the mascara, and hit post instead of preview. I didn't even notice until I saw your comment, 'cos I had 4 windows open. Thanks for the slap!

idiosynchronic said...

Hey, sweetie (I think I can say that), you would prefer it was me, right?


iamcoyote said...

Hell, yeah! That'll teach me to go from Sadly No, to TLC.

iamcoyote said...

And besides, since I'm for Obama now, I'm a sexist pig!

iamcoyote said...

But really, it's a good lesson, too. With the 'puke outrage machine being so effective, no one's going to be able to even point out that she's a she, much less criticize her record or lack thereof. Fookin' 'pukes. Still, Sadly No does comedy like nobody else can!

Anjha said...

She's goddamned Rick Santorum with a uterus, less experience and a fishin pole.

What a pure ass Johnny Mac is for doing this.

He is using her and she is letting him.

Does she really think that he believes she is the best person for the job? No fucking way.

What a sleezy thing to do.

You're right Id, short term gains and it will backfire. I have no doubt that people will be terrified of her being so close to the presidency with McCain getting ready to croak any ole time.

Bastards, the lot of them.

idiosynchronic said...

He is using her and she is letting him. Does she really think that he believes she is the best person for the job? No fucking way.

But it's an opportunity. It's good for her career to accept this, especially if she can bring something to John's ticket that helps keep the Executive in Republican Party, she'll grow into the position and be ready to lead when john retires . . etc. You can probably guess other rationalizations . . Some of which had been applied to Dubya pre-2000.

Seven of Six said...

And besides, since I'm for Obama now, I'm a sexist pig!

Why do you think I was making those comments on everything being about misogyny. The little whench tyj has to throw her 2 cents on it.

And I hope you weren't offended. Its just that anything can be interpreted as misogyny.

iamcoyote said...

Oh, no, SoS; I have to learn to use smileys, or use a /snark tag. I was totally joshing about that.

Hell yeah, idio, it's a good opportunity 'cos she's got nothing to lose. If McCain wins, there's the obvious benefit, and if they don't, she's been exposed to the national spotlight, proven herself to be a loyal soldier, and will find a cushy position closer to the halls of power than she was last year.

He is using her and she is letting him.

I've seen a lot of this kind of talk around the blogs today, some people suggesting outright that she's being duped into a position of potential humiliation and I'm not sure I like the direction of it - painting her as a sympathetic character. It's kinda insulting, too, like she's not in charge of her own career path. It will be hard not to be seen as bullying her; hopefully, Biden knows that. I have no doubt she knows what she's getting into, though, and really knows how to play the smalltown ingenue. She does it in the interviews I've seen, and she does it well. And don't underestimate the power of the fragile-flower-being-assaulted image to mobilize the big, strong he-man Republicans to come to her rescue big time.

I'll be curious to see if her scandals damage her in any way.

Seven of Six said...

The wife called Palin's selection an insult to Hillary's intelligence, wisdom and experience. If McLame thinks he can come up with some small town conservative woman and thinks she's equal to Hillary he's gotta another thing coming. What an insult to all of us Democratic women as well. Obviously a Rove move.

Needless to say she was pissed!

Anjha said...

suggesting outright that she's being duped into a position of potential humiliation and I'm not sure I like the direction of it

I in no way meant, and sorry that I implied, that she is being duped.

My point (she's letting him) is that it is almost a mutually agreed upon using....How else could they have had a conversation:

Mc: I choose you

P: But I'm not qualified

Mc: I know, but with you I might win

P: OK, and I might be VP

Deal, deal

They both know she is not qualified and that it would be a disaster for our Country if she needs to step in and neither one of them care. That is disgusting.

He's using her and she is using him and it is gross.

iamcoyote said...

I should have made it clearer, Anjha, that you didn't say it explicitly. But your comment reminded me of what I've seen others out there saying. I think it was Annony on TLC who was talking about how the smalltown girl has no idea of big city ways. I've seen others in threads at Shakesville and digby's place say that, too.

Yeah, it's gross, but really, isn't that what 'pukes think people are for? Using, then tossing away when no longer useful?