Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why 'HunnyBun' Is A Bad Password.

One of Gov. Sarah Palin's Yahoo accounts has been hacked.

Of course, the campaign has ripped this shocking invasion of privacy.

Folks, 8 characters or more, a mix of letters and numbers (and symbols if you can manage it), no real words or right spellings; don't use your familys' names, pets' names, favorite sports, or any other semi-public information as a password. Ideally, 16 characters or more is best, especially if you use the password to log onto your employer's Windows computer network, and use a passphrase, such as 'Purp!eRa1n&May'.


iamcoyote said...

Ha Ha!


Anjha said...

I don't know why so many right wing tits are in ringers.

I thought that if "they have nothing to hide" it was no big deal for people to be able to read our emails?

I mean c'mon...nothing to hide right?

Seriously, listen to the VM to Gawker...these people are bat shit crazy. These are not outliers...these are the right wingers who we are continuosly trying to deal with as "rational" adults. The Dems had better figure it out right away that these people are dangerous.

BTW. I am sure that the strategy will be to "blame Obama". I would not be surprised if the McCain camp did it themselves and are now going to blame Obama. This is exactly what Rove did in TX with a bug in his office (that he planted). These guys are smarmy fucks and should not be trusted in the least.

idiosynchronic said...

OMG. I've gotten a few weenie pieces of hate mail, but that's . . . wow.

All America needs are some real paramilitary organizations, and we're going to have the Second Civil War.

That is if all those angry people can put on a pair of pants, lick/wash the Cheeto off, and actually get organized IRL.