Friday, December 5, 2008

Kryptonite to Democrats

BoingBoing (yes, again, I know) has an interesting post on political video messaging, especially targeted video messaging, that I highly recommend.

What's important is that our 6 readers (heh) see the video that cshirky uses as an exemplar. He writes:
Dear Mr. Obama was a trifecta. For the base, a muscular but polite attack on the very issue that brought Obama into the spotlight. For the undecided, the emotional charge is much likelier to sway them than argumentation. And for the Dems -- nothing. The video might as well not have existed for all it was seen in Democratic circles. Since the video's sole speaker can't be criticized without making the criticizer look churlish at best, almost no Dems forwarded it, linked to it, talked about it.
Earlier, Shirky says you'll see similar messages again in 2010 and they'll be plastered all over in 2012.


Anjha said...

Jeebus - what crap and what a shitty use of that poor, misguided kid - who obviously needs to believe the drivel that he is espousing because not believing it would make the loss of his leg for nothing. What a sick ass bunch of crap that this war is.

I have now moved to "couch office."

Luckily, for me, I have the best kid in the world who disconnected all of my cables and shit and helped to move me over to the couch. Being that I use a notebook, it should have been easy - but I have all of this crap attached to a docking station and then there is other crap that is attached to the notebook and then I want my wireless keyboard and my wireless mouse, blah, blah - mostly, I am just spoiled.

But - the story is not about me being spoiled, it is about how wonderful that my boy is to crawl down under the table that houses my wire nest and unhook it all and then help me to hook it back up over at couch office. He is such a good boy.

The other day he rode his bike to the store for me and picked up some much needed items. I may never, ever have to leave the house again.

snark said...

Ya know what bugs me about this crap.

The sorta praetorian implication that those who have served in the military in this country have obtained for themselves some elevated level of citizenship. Not so much from the soldiers themselves but from the people who use them to and their service and sacrifice. I appreciate the fact that this guy made a sacrifice. But he could stand there and say we stopped a martian invasion by taking out Saddam and it would carry the same weight with me as what he actually said.

Anjha said...

Snark, Thom Hartmann brought that to my attention in a very big way speaking about the US's almost "worshipping" attitude towards all in the military.

It is by design. The Bush Admin has worked very hard to hold the military up as some kind of "gods" who we cannot criticize is any way. They have taken it to the extreme claiming that any criticism of anything that the military does somehow means that we are criticizing the "troops" - which we all know is crap but that does not stop them from making these bogus claims.