Thursday, April 2, 2009

Take a Long Walk on a Short Pier

The fucking nerve! On the House's $3.6 trillion budget blueprint...
Republicans have warned that the prospects for bipartisanship will all but vanish if majority Democrats attempt to muzzle them.
Am I missing something here? Could the republi-cons first demonstrate some bipartisanship! I'm sorry, 3 lousy votes on the stimulus package doesn't cut it.

UPDATE: h/t Think Progress
President Obama’s budget passed the House and Senate yesterday, by votes of 233-196 and 55-43, respectively. No Republicans voted for the budget in either chamber. Twenty House Democrats voted against the budget.

Please, continue being republi-con obstructionists... the American people are making you the most ignored political party in our history.


Twinky P* said...

Bipartisanship is dead, thank goo'ness. Who needs these 'pukes anymore?

Seven of Six said...

I could see if they ever acted human but these automatons need to be squashed like the bugs they are!

Judith said...

Hi guys. I'm still alive. Hope all is well with everyone. Hey SOS, sorry I missed your birthday.

What is left of the Republican Party is so out of touch and in disaray. The minimalization continues. At this rate, we won't have to worry about an opposition Party for years.