Monday, May 4, 2009

Madder than Hell

So, let me get this straight. Those of us who get Social Security will not receive a Cost of Living Increase for the next two years? When pigs fly!

The reason is because of the low inflation. Yeah, you read it right, low inflation. Not only that, but no COLA means that some seniors will see their Medicare Part B premiums skyrocket.

A freeze in Social Security benefits would have major implications for Medicare because the COLA, in effect, puts a cap on premiums for Part B of Medicare, which covers doctors' services.

If there is no COLA for Social Security, about three-fourths of beneficiaries will not see any change in their basic Part B premiums, according to federal officials. But some beneficiaries do not have this protection and could face substantial increases in their Part B premiums. In addition, millions of beneficiaries could see higher premiums for drug coverage, provided under Part D of Medicare.

Congress could step in. I would suggest that is exactly what Congress should do. They've done it before in the 1980's when inflation dropped below 3%. And since seniors are the one block of constituents who vote in huge numbers, Congress is not likely to forget that as they seek to shore up the income of social security recipients.

So, we can bail out criminals, but stick it to seniors. I'll be busy this week sending emails and making phone calls.


Twinky P* said...

Good for you, Judith. Obama better figure this out quick, because even if the GOP is in tatters, all they need is one good hook, and they'll have seniors back in their pocket once again.

Seven of Six said...

Usually, this will mean Disabled Veteran's and other's will not receive COLA either. So the voting block is getting bigger Judith.

Obama should not expect to save money on those that make the least.

I haven't read it but what does Obama's healthcare plan do to help alleviate Part B premiums. Some how his plan has got to tie in together.

Judith said...

In reality, they are thinking about a freeze until 2013. I know nothing about SS increases, but something doesn't make sense to me. In January we were given a larger than usual increase because of inflation. Then four months or less later, we are told because of low inflation, we don't need an increase this year, next year, and maybe we won't need it until 2013.

Regarless, this will not fly with Seniors, and hell will freeze over before I sit on my duff and allow a pentance of an increase to be taken away. It's pure bullc*ap!