Monday, June 22, 2009

An Open Letter to Rep. Cynthia Davis, (R-MO. 19)

Representative Cynthia Davis
Missouri House of Representatives
201 W. Capitol Ave., Room 112,
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Rep. Davis,

Recently, you remarked on your lack of support for funding summer-school lunches for underprivileged youth in your district. Your statement was not only ill-informed, but callous and barbaric. Shame on you. This is not why I'm writing, however. I'm writing to point out that your statements--in their vacuous entirety--received national coverage tonight on Olbermann.

As a red-state resident, veteran, and proud patriot, I see no problem with letting my taxes fund meals for students in summer school. See, it's called civic duty. It's what taxes are for. So I have to wonder: why don't you? And how would you justify that lack of human empathy to the 1 in 5 minors in your district who would rely on those lunches, many of whom aren't even of legal age to work?

For all you know, maybe those kids need that meal to stay focused and turn their grades around. Maybe with a decent meal and adequate funding for their schools, they might actually become functioning citizens and escape the drab, oppressive, stultifying ignorance of their small-town lives. Maybe they might go on to do some real good in the world, maybe even bring back money to your state. Or maybe they'll turn out like you: sneering, half-educated, miserly modern-day Scrooges. Tired and poor, indeed. Who needs them, right? Certainly not an elected official.

Anyway, to conclude, I look forward to your answers, and by all means, enjoy the publicity. I hope you know that the entire nation, and not just your constituency, now sees you for what you are: trite, out-of-touch, and irrelevant. You, and your entitled selfish ignorance, are what is wrong with America. Thank you for making our night, Rep. Davis.


Milo Freeman

P.S. Your "Contact Us" page needs a choice or two other than just "Great Job."

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Seven of Six said...

Or maybe they'll turn out like you: sneering, half-educated, miserly modern-day Scrooges.

Damn Milo... you just described the republi-KKKon party!

Saw that last night... politician's like that actually still exist? Obviously she is counting on being out of politics by the time these kids can be of voting age. Major bonehead move for her career.

Twinky P* said...

Let them eat cake!

The age old mantra of the fuckwads.