Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anyone Watching?

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This is amazing television. Truly amazing.

Though I have it on the SPAN because I get sick of the MSNBC bastards thinking that their comments on what is going on are more important than what is actually being said.

Dammit. Work phone rang when Slaughter was speaking. Louise Slaughter is my hero...I will have to watch her later.

Use the thread to tell me what you think. Are you pissy? Do you think that Obama is losing this debate?

Or, are you keeping an open mind and listening to what the experts are saying?

Let me know.

I believe that real health care reform will be passed. I believe that it will happen because the Dems know that they will lose their shit in November if it doesn't. I just hope that they heed the words of Dr. Dean and make it go into effect now!

President Obama is looking like the adult and the Pukes, of course, look like the tools that they are. Heh.


Judith said...

Somewhere between the election and now I lost interest in politics. Now, for someone who was a political junkie, I wonder why I can't seem to motivate myself to give a rat's ass anymore. Having said that, I no longer know what the truth is about "real health care reform." All I ever hear on the news is that people don't want it, so when I read that the Dems will lose seat if not passed, I become somewhat perplexed about the issue. Do Americans want this bill to pass or don't they?

Anjha said...

Somewhere between the election and now I lost interest in politics.

This is exactly what the Republicans want. This is what their motive was. They know that they do not have shit to offer the American people and they knew that the people were excited about the Dems in November of 2008, so they have done everything in their power to discourage us. They have done everything possible to make us feel like "the politicians are all the same" or "there is no real difference between the two parties..."

This is what the Republicans wanted. I guess, reading so many of my friends, the Pukes have won.

They have succeeded in discouraging us to the point of non-involvement or apathy. They know that apathy is their greatest friend. Their worse nightmare is turnout. The more people who vote - the more Democrats win. Pure and simple. Always has been this way. They know.

As for HCR - it is not a bad bill. It is not what I want...I want Medicare for All...but it is better than nothing and it is a good start and once this passes, there will be room to expand and to make changes.

Right now it is all about faith. Everywhere.

The House Dems are going to pass the Senate bill. Then the Senate will fix the bill through reconciliation. It will be good. Might even be better than we anticipated months ago.

I have said it repeatedly, since the day after the election of Obama. The Dems and Obama need a movement. They need us. They need us to really fight for what we want. They need to know that if they pass the shit that we want them to pass then we will have their backs at election time.

As a base, we do not do a very good job of letting the Dems know that we will back them up when they do the right thing.

They are hearing daily from lobbyists and all of the right wing tools who call in because they got their marching orders from Rush or the RNC. They hear from these people constantly and if these are the only people calling then they will think that this is what the people want.

This is the same mistake that the "news media" makes. They go by the right wing activity as if this is some indicator of what people want. Just like the stoopid news people think that policies that effect people making over 250K per year affect everyone because they think that everyone earns the kind of money that they do. They forget that us real people dig out quarters to buy milk at the end of every payday.

As for - Do Americans want this bill to pass or don't they?


The people do want HCR. However, the people want a public option.

If the Dems pass a bill that offers a public option for people to buy into and it is implemented before Nov 2010 (which it won't be) - but at least before Nov 2010, then the Dems will absolutely keep control of all Houses.

Judith said...

Anjha, thanks for your response. I do agree with everything you say in your post, and I understand better what people want which has always been the public option.

In Missouri, we are lucky enough to have the Medicare Advantra Plan. My Mom and I both have this coverage (she was with United Health Care, but her doctors no longer accepted UHC). We pay nothing, other than what is taken out of our SS check every month. Right after we switched to Advantra, she had emergency brain surgery. I believe she ended up owing $1200. The sad thing is that Medicare Advantra is not offered everywhere.

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