Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holeeeee . . .

I've been to national peace marches with fewer people.


Seven of Six said...

I've been to a Led Zeppelin concert with fewer people!

Anjha said...

Great pics idio.

Friggin amazing.

I am sick of the fighting and sick of the BS. Sick of the feelings hurt and the identity politics.

I am sick of deleting comments that I had intended on posting because I don't want to fight with anyone and I do not want to 'offend' them.

I am a Democrat. Period.

When I heard about Senator Kennedy this morning it shook me deep. I have been sad all day long. He is really an amazing man and a true leader. We really need him.

I want to come together and fight the bastards that are destroying our country.

Obama and Clinton are not them.

idiosynchronic said...

As usual, Anjha, you say it better than I do.

I wish they were mine. They were of a rally in Oregon over the weekend. i stole them from a lucky AP photographer and the NYT.

Does anyone think that our next elected President will dare to have rallies like this? Much less garner the same size crowds?

Seven of Six said...

But Obama supporters said this... and Hillary is getting treated like this... you got it Anjha, what a fucking joke!

Obama in his book "The Audacity of Hope", says "I understood politics as a full-contact sport, and minded neither the sharp elbows nor the occasional blind-side hit."
I wish everyone understood it the same way.

Anjha said...

Hey, I just tried to post a video and it did not work.

We all seem to be online at the same time.


That rally in Or-ee-gone, I wish I woulda driven down to...could not afford the gas.

iamcoyote said...

I am sick of deleting comments that I had intended on posting because I don't want to fight with anyone and I do not want to 'offend' them.

I totally understand, and you shouldn't have to worry about it on your own blog. I'm burned out, I don't like Obama one bit, and that's a big downer on you guys. I can't even watch Daily Show anymore, which means it's time to bow out for me, like, last year. Anyhow, have fun - I gave up my admin rights, so I can't get back in if I wanted to. I started this up as a lark, anyhow, didn't expect anyone would want to go on, but I'm glad you will. Later!

idiosynchronic said...

Coyote, You're welcome back whenever you want. Period. Be safe, love your family.

Anjha said...

Coyote, I would like to be respectful, that's all. Restraint of pen and tongue is a good thing.

Whatever brilliance that I have supposedly deleted was obviously not much of any worth, since I don't remember it anymore.

Do take care. I hope that a break from news and media and blogs and nets and such will clear your Spirit and you will come back to us soon all bright and shiny.

I wish that you would not feel you need to go away.

Duckman GR said...


Take care of your business, I hope you visit when you want. I know I won't be judging you by who you like or don't like. I just hope you aren't so burned out that you can't do the vote thing in November.

Just consider this. Presidents are supposed to be about more than playground likes and dislikes, it's in our national psyche to not really like our Presidents anyway, lest we feel the urge to coronate them. That's why comedians have always made fun of the President, no matter who they are, and I see no reason why we shouldn't do that today.

This bullshit notion about drinking a beer with the president is such an invention of Rove's to overcome Bush's inherent assholeness, and it needs to go back under the rock with Rove that it crawled out from under. And somebody needs to alert the media about that too.