Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Want

• Guaranteed access to affordable healthcare
• A fair tax code
• Clean air, clean water, a healthy planet and a reversal of global warming
• Clean renewable energy sources
• Healthy parks and open spaces
• A dependable and reliable infrastructure
• Guaranteed, free, high quality education – through college
• An economy that works for the workers
• Enforceable equality for all people
• A foreign policy that is based on peace
• An open and transparent government
• A VA that takes care of our veterans
• A government free of moneyed interests
• Confidence that my family will be cared for upon my death
• Confidence that my family will be cared for upon my husbands death
• An ability to pay our bills on time
• The ability to take a vacation every now and again
• All of our Bill of Rights fully restored
• A complete return to The Rule of Law in the United States of America
• Government agencies run by qualified employees not partisan hacks
• A return to actual science
• A government that stays out of my bedroom and my uterus [if I still had one; so let’s say – all bedrooms and all uteruses.]
• A government that stays out of end of life decisions
• A unified Democratic Party that ends the era of the neoconservative

My list is larger and greater but I am sure that the gist of my wants is understood.

The only way that we stand a chance of any of this occurring is if we stop this arguing bullshit and remember that we are fighting for the Country and our principles and the candidate is not as important as getting the republicans out of office.

I am afraid. I am afraid of our Party being split beyond repair and I am afraid that the myths being perpetuated by the media and half of our Party are designed to keep us split. If the myths are designed to perpetuate the split, then WTF is the real motive? It does not seem to me that the real motive is to achieve any of the items on my list.

It is going to take a really long time to fix the disaster that we are being left with. Things will not change immediately. A lot of people will be disappointed when the election occurs and the Dems win and we miraculously do not have Universal Healthcare the next day and the entire troops home by the next week.

Months will go by before anyone is sworn in. Months will go by before a new administration is established. And months or years will go by before legislation is passed and implemented. Things will not change right away and we are running out of time. We absolutely must win this election…we do not have any more time to wait.

This bickering has to end. Now. We have to come together and stop wasting our money and time on the primary fight and beat the crap out of the Republican Party. We must win every single election possible from President to Dog Catcher.

I sure hope that people wake up before it is too late and my list of wants changes to 1. A little food 2. A place to sleep.


idiosynchronic said...

What she said. Double.

Seven of Six said...

Government agencies run by qualified employees not partisan hacks

This has been one of my biggest beefs! The bu$h administration has politicized everything... the military... the CIA... the FBI... the DoD... the Justice Dept... the MSM... anything that offers a different viewpoint is squashed, not mildly but hubris and then they think it's funny. Fucking criminals!!

Seven of Six said...

but hubris

...but with hubris...

Duckman GR said...

Just to add, it's going to take time to replace all of those hacks in the bureau ocracy, not just the appointees, but those supporters of the appointees who got to move up because of their love of hackery.

I'm willing to give Obama the time.

And we probably better start funding Obama's general war chest, maybe set aside a buck or two from every paycheck until after the convention, cause WE can't afford to let him lose because of any failures on OUR part.