Thursday, May 29, 2008

Support the Troops, Indeed.

"You raised your right hand."

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this phrase, I wouldn't need a regular job. In today's environment, servicemembers who speak out against the war are roundly shouted down with a similar response. Since we volunteered during a time of war, conservatives say, we have no right to complain about the abuses we endure: lengthening deployments, foreshortened dwell times, increased strains on family, substandard medical care. Personally, I think that the demand should be higher simply BECAUSE we volunteered, but many on the American Right don't seem to agree with me. Apparently placing patriotism over principle isn't enough to qualify as a "Real American."

And now, it seems that the statement even applies to our educations.

Here's a phrase: "Support the Troops." Anybody remember this? Look, I'm the last person one will ever hear demanding deferential treatment. If anything, the effusive shows of gratitude often creep me out. But it is galling to me, hearing the warmongers in our midst shriek about full backing for our Armed Services, only to then turn about and say that we don't deserve adequate benefits because, well, "we volunteered." These, by the way, are the same people who threatened me for speaking out.

This is your movement conservatism, America: a cabal of corporate-media shills and the well-funded interests who control them. There is no "conservative intelligentsia," only a group of tanned pundits, drowning in a sea of Aqua-Net, who say whatever they're paid to. They'll beat the drum of war as long as they can, and then abandon those who answer the call.

These are your gods, Joe Six-Pack. These are your priests, your patriots. These are your emperors, and they have no clothes.

More to the point, they have no souls.


Anonymous said...

Some of them have souls, but are using those souls to secure a line of credit with the Devil.

~ dj moonbat

Seven of Six said...

...drowning in a sea of Aqua-Net...

What a great line!

BTW, I'm stealing it for local jokes.

Anjha said...

Dammit Milo, what are you doing writing on a blog!? And having opinions to boot?!

You gave up all rights to autonomy when you raised your hand din't ya?

Holy crap...and you guys think that you should be able to register, vote and have those votes counted?

They sold their souls to the devil and they are acting like you sold yours to the Country.

New Nativism and New Nationalism indeed....

it all means that there is nothing but the state and the state is everything.

A long time ago a friend sent me a video of some broadway/vaudville kind of act: "Put a magnet ribbon on your SUV" done to the tune of "Tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree" which was laughable in both ways...funny ha ha and funny what a disgusting version of Patriotism that is displayed in this Country.

So, Milo, thank you for your service (SoS, too.) And I truly will work to ensure that this Country gives back to you what you have given to us.

idiosynchronic said...

The question is, is it just the priests, patriots, & emperors with no clothes, or are the hoipolloi who revere them also running around with bare tuckusi?

Another common refrain is that those who have not served don't deserve an opinion. Not only from those willing to spend other nation's lives, but also from those of us on the left who not-too-subtly disagreed with the last two conflicts we sent troops into.

I'm not disagreeing on bit with you, Milo. Just playing the advocate.