Friday, May 30, 2008

It Ain't Over Until The Zombie's Head Is Blown Off

* Nanci Pelosi vows to end the primary battle.
* The Votemaster outlines Sen. Clinton's overall choice and consequence options outside the DNC RBC meeting today and the Convention.

Frightening shit.

Executive summary: The Clinton Campaign will use the Saturday meeting as fuel to get to Denver and contest the convention. She'll take whatever ruling they give her and appeal to the credentials committee immediately before the convention. Once before the credentials committee, The Clinton campaign can then argue to strip certain delegations credentials (see all those caucus states that didn't vote for her, for instance), or just to award her campaign loyalists the credentials of the disputed states. There's a host of fluid arguments that the campaign can make at that time, and they don't need to be related to Michigan and Florida.

It's an antagonistic article, no doubt, but worth reading for the strategies the author lays out. And I think we're all going to be subjected to this douchebaggery until August 28th.

I keep bringing the 1972 nomination battle, right? Well, guess what Muskie, Humphrey, and the party machinery did against McGovern in Miami of July, '72.

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Anjha said...

I think it is all over Id.

Listening to something that Chuck Todd said really struck me hard...

He said, "It is no longer the Clinton's Democratic Party, it is now Obama's Democratic Party."

I think the fact that the RBC did not vote with Clinton (they did not vote with Obama either) really said an enormous amount.

It has been a fascinating day. Really.

It is still on now. (Watching for the second time.) They are just getting ready to vote.

I will say one thing: The way that the Clinton supporters behaved during the meeting was abhorrent and militant.

Really frightening actually. I am afraid for our Party that we will be too split to win.