Sunday, June 1, 2008


Upon some more serious thought, I have elected to take down my most recent post. It was inappropriate, and not what I came to write. Several of the staff members were right to call me out on this fact, and I thank them. Meanwhile, accept my apologies. Guess the intensity of things is getting to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Blogging is dangerous.

~ dj moonbat

Seven of Six said...

Milo, I understand your frustrations. It is a matter of life or death for you and your friends!

You were talking about a hypothetical situation anyway: If McShit is elected and he invades Iran.

Dude, what you described is how revolutions get started.

It didn't insult me, I empathize with you. I know how it is to be in a foreign country, in danger, no one from home helping the plight of soldiers. It is up to the people to change the politicians who are fucking things up. And if they don't, people will literally die!

You were blowing off some steam. You're young, it'll pass.

It's so much easier for the pacifists with all the creature comforts of home to object. The ones who didn't have to hump a ruck in 130% temps., spend 15 months in a dirty dusty hell hole, eating shitty food, and counting days to get home.

But in the same vien, we don't want to look like the Hillary supporters. Especially the ones at Larry Johnson's "No Quarter" who are making death threats against Obama. Larry said he would forward it to the Secret Service if it wasn't stopped.

Take care Milo, my brother in arms. We heard you, loud and clear. No apology is needed from me.

Anonymous said...

Lemme ask you, Milo: among the swath of people around you who DON'T seem like the type to post to liberal-leaning political blogs, what is the military read on Clinton v. Obama?

~ dj moonbat

Milo Freeman said...

I know a fair number of servicemembers who support Obama. Typically, they tend to be young and below the grade of E-5. White NCOs, usually lifers, favor McCain overwhelmingly, and a minority seem to favor Hillary. But that's just the few I've talked to.

Interestingly, it's my understanding that Obama leads in donations from servicemembers. I don't have immediate access to those numbers, but it's working looking up if true.

Anjha said...

Milo, thank you and I get it too.

SoS is right; it is easy for us pacifist who have never had to do what you do.

I still think of it as life and death and I am still frightened.

What you said was nothing compared to what is said around here (a pacifist home with easy going lightweights, with all the creature comforts, who could never make it a week through what you do.)

Emotions are high right now and a whole lot of misinformation is floating around the tubes.

Sometimes it is easier to jump on a bandwagon than to stop and think it through oneself. A whole lot of bad info has been written about Obama and Hillary that would not pass a fact check, yet some take it as fact because they have respected the "bloggers" over the years.

This new way of doing things has its dangers too.

Its all good Milo. No worries with me.