Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finis Book Two, Open Book Three

If the pre-primary season was Book One, then obviously, the Primary was Book Two.

The next couple months will be interesting - Book Three could either be fairly prosaic as the Obama campaign begins the low-grade summer war against McCain and the GOP while planning and executing the Convention in August.

Which would it be, a slim intermediary volume or a fairly large midsection, in the history book? And why?

My opinion is that while the signals are being waved and the handwriting is on the wall, I won't believe the Clinton campaign has folded until I see Sen. Clinton declare it. No matter the what else can be said about the Clinton's, much of it slimy and misogynistic, they're not known for surrendering. Sen. Clinton could easily suspend her campaign until August and not concede. I think the groundwork for a contingency campaign, based on either incapacity of the presumptive nominee or the collapse of his support, has certainly been laid.

The wording will be important, as well as what her people do for the weeks afterward.

Update: Clinton this evening refused to any of the above. She's still in. I'm not sure what's going on.


idiosynchronic said...

I can't watch the speeches this evening, but it looks like Clinton is not surrendering at all.

Let's see what happens in the next week.

Seven of Six said...

On this historic night for Obama, Hillary still wants it to be about her.

Shame on you Hillary.

idiosynchronic said...

Someone hauled out the 'narcissist' charge on Mrs Clinton this evening in a DailyKos thread. Having been abused by a raging one, I'm hesitant to back that opinion, but . . damn, if the Senator didn't make a strong diagnostic for it tonight.

And I'm still convinced this shit will be in the air in August. Clinton's campaign may shut down and the rest of the world may settle into a summer of Old Guy Getting Slammed By Young Guy, but the shit may rain down at the convention if there's opportunity.

Seven of Six said...

Idio, I think they must have taken it from Jeffrey Toobin on CNN, who said Clinton suffered from "deranged narcissism" after her speech.

Some of the discussion centered on appeasing Bill Clinton.
I guess I found that odd because we have new young leader of the Democratic Party and a little praise should be heaped on him.

I never could have imagined a black man as the candidate. I always thought Hillary would pull the rabbit out of the hat and win. To think he had to single handily go up against the whole Clinton family and name to win.

If it stays up in the air until the convention my disgust with the Clinton's will only grow further.

Anjha said...

Id, you are so much more patient than I.

I am furious.

Clinton just spoke at AIPAC and is acting like she is still campaigning. It is disgusting.

I am furious.

Last night was Obama's night.

Senator Clinton missed a huge opportunity to heal the Party. She - alone - can heal this rift and she blew it.

If she had been gracious and she had pulled her supporters into the fold, she could have restored her legacy.

Now she just looks narcissistic and delusional...one of her supporters (a congressman) is speaking on MSNBC and saying "IF Obama is the nominee..."


I am furious.

I'm sorry but her continued crap of campaigning is saying that "I am the better candidate."

She is now implicity saying that she is a better candidate than the nominee of our Party.

She has done enough damage. Every single complaint against Obama from the hardcore Clinton supporters has come right out of her campaign, right from her talking points, right from her "Attack Timeline" (which for - a good reason, I hope - is not coming up.)

Obama has fought a four front battle, against Hillary, Bill, Chealsea and John McCain (five front if you include the RNC.) He has fought all of these and still secured the nomination.

No one seems to want to talk about what a huge upset this has been.

Hillary was the nominee presumptive for a full year before she announced. She did a fabulous job. She really did...but it is over now.

Let him pivot and give him the respect that he is due.

Seven of Six said...

...give him the respect that he is due.

Amen sister!

Anonymous said...

I think the dynamic is this:

"You have two choices: me as your VP nominee, or a floor fight in August."

Seriously, I think the stakes are that high.

~ dj moonbat

Seven of Six said...

"You have two choices: me as your VP nominee, or a floor fight in August."

Who knows, he could be "assasinated" in that time!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Now there's a leak about a Friday endorsement. Maybe she was just genuinely undecided.

~dj moonbat

idiosynchronic said...

I've given up trying to devine the Clinton campaign. They seriously behave as though they're addicts hitting bottom and coming to terms. They do one rational thing and follow up with 3 irrational reactions to the rational act.

Anonymous said...

It makes me mad when her more rabid supporters chalk everything up to Obama's vicious sneakiness, when it's clear that she fed her top strategists a steady diet of lead paint.

~ dj moonbat

Seven of Six said...

Hey folks, I'm headed out to Mexico for a week of R&R. I'll try to stop by if I can.

If not, happy blogging.

idiosynchronic said...

Have Fun, Seven!