Friday, June 6, 2008

The Feeling Is...Disgust

I know that I am angry as well; my heart is beating rapidly and I can feel my blood boil.

When John McCain [kind-of] released his tax returns (Cindy released a summary) a lot more was revealed than his wife is worth over A Hundred Million.

McCain collects almost 60K a year in disability payments from the Navy. (He is rated as 100% disabled.)

He also collects almost 25K a year in Social Security benefits. (Because he is over 65.)

His Senate salary is almost 200K a year.

Regardless of how true it is that McCain's service to the Country as a POW is great, I have a hard time accepting that he should collect disability payments...simply because there are so many more people who desperately need the payments and the money that he collects should be thrown back into the pool.

Owning nine homes and a wife worth over one hundred million - I just do not see him as needing the payments, regardless of whether they were earned or not.

He rails about "Pork" and it seems to me that he has been fed a steady diet of pork for very long time.

I admit that I am biased and hardened because I have been unable to work full-time since December of 2002. I have been fighting for Social Security Disability and have earned a quarter of what I used to earn since that time. My family needed every penny of my old income and to say that the loss of it has been a strain is an understatement.

I have been waiting a couple of years for an appeals hearing. Unfortunately, I am not alone in this wait.

I realize that I am not disabled due to military service. I have never served, so it is different. However, I have paid into the SS system for almost 25 years.

I see McCain as a hypocrite of the worst type. His selfishness is obscene.

The Right thinks that it would be a mistake for us to go after McCain for collecting disability, that calling him on this triple dipping would imply that we somehow do not honor his service. I disagree. John McCain is dishonoring the service of all of those who cannot collect disability, the many on the waiting rolls, the many losing their homes and their families.

John McCain's actions say more about him than I ever could.


Milo Freeman said...

Word dude. I feel you. What the fuck, man. Motherfucker goes DOWN this November.

Anonymous said...

If somebody wanted to do some research, google Jim Hensley, Cindy's father, then Kemper Marley (no realtion to Bob).

Look where Jim and his brother got their start in business. Check on the Jim's crime conviction, etc. A sordid tale from Arizona's past.


idiosynchronic said...

$85K??? Damn, I could go to grad school full time and then some.

Anonymous said...

Remember, his family is Military elite. His Father and Grandfather were both full Navy Admirals. The only father/son full Admirals ever.