Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Fanboy

No, I'm not talking about The Dark Knight. I'm kicking myself today - I had an allergy attack last night when I went to bed. Runny nose, sneezing. I was up until about 2 my time getting my face to behave again, and mostly bored during it. If I had been thinking about it, I would have hauled my sorry arse to the midnight showing. It would have been ideal - my wife has no interest so far, and our kids are all too young.

I did see Wall-E again last night, though, as it was in the town theater, and we have a housefull of kids to entertain. Just as good on the second run - even my 3 year-old sat all the way through it again without a hiccup.

Entertainment Weekly has fan porn this weekend - Watchmen and Star Trek. It's like getting peeks at Behind the Green Door and um . . the 1997 Vivid remake of Debbie Does Dallas.

Shoving that image aside, *squick*, EW managed to get an interview with Watchmen creator Alan Moore in the same issue; Moore swore off any further contact with filmmakers after they trashed previous adaptions;From Hell, V For Vendetta and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In the interview, Moore validates all the Insufferable Drama Snobs (and last night's conversation) and gave The Wire Best TV Show Ever Made. If I was Wire creator David Simon, I would have to go out and blow it all on hookers, drugs, and then kill myself afterward, because the rest of my life would NEVER live up to that moment.

Finally, the here's a sample of the Vivid remake Abrams recreation of Trek. Zach Quinto certainly looks like the full monty.


Seven of Six said...

Just came back from "The Dark Knight". Not enough action for some... I thought it was great. Heath Ledger was amazing! It was refreshing to hear some decent dialogue coming from a comic book adventure.

Saw Wall-E last week, even my boy thought it was great. I was thinking he was going to be too old for it but he really liked it.

He can't wait for all the other flicks to come out.

Been busy on this end. Just got new carpeting for the whole house. Fuck, it's like moving all over again. Some work moving everything to the garage. Came out great however. Better than the trash we had.

I'll be able to contribute more once things calm down a little bit more.

iamcoyote said...

I'm looking forward to Simon Peg as Scotty. He's such a hoot!

Anjha said...


I don't watch these shows so I don't get it.

On the Sci-Fi channel I watch "TAPS," "Dead Like Me," and, sometimes, "Eureka".

I have never watched Star Trek or BG or any of those types of shows.

I am the only person who grew up in the seventies who has never seen a single Star Wars movie.