Wednesday, July 16, 2008



iamcoyote said...

Tom Tomorrow's take on it.

iamcoyote said...

Horsey has a McCain one here.

Not nearly as funny as the New Yorker's 'cos it's all true.

snark said...

Do you really think so idio?

Good God. Are we really in for 4 (at least) humorless years of President Obama because everyone's affraid to make a joke and be called out as a racist by the outrage-aholics?

Fuck that.

iamcoyote said...

Luckily, Comedy Central always has a logo down in the corner, or Stephen Colbert would be out of a job!

iamcoyote said...

Roy Edroso has an amusing take, and the comments are great fun. There's a link that leads to some really funny messing with dKos - it's from a Brit blog.

Sadly No had some good discussion as well.

idiosynchronic said...

It's witty - not a laughing funny to me. If it was a stand-up routine, it'd bomb despite the fact that most of the audience gets it.

Toles follow-up, OTOH, that got me snorting into my breakfast.

There's a lot of pissy humourless liberals out today. Pandagon's crapping at the new JibJab. It's almost like the liberals with a sense of humour are all in Austin and offline.

iamcoyote said...

What's a JibJab? And what's with Pandagon not loading? Not that I really care, but all I get is a background whenever I follow a link over there. I hear Jesse's back - he was one of my first bloggers that I followed daily.

As for Toles' comic, I guess I've seen too much silliness about the NYer cover, I rolled my eyes - I mean, was it Geek at TLC (the guy stalking Turkana), who said you can't do satire with Obama 'cause he's black? Sheesh.

idiosynchronic said... - they did several flash movies in 2004 about the election

iamcoyote said...

Oh. Never heard of it, but if that dick peter thinks it's great, it must be shit. And if p-dip thinks it's great, it must have lots of ass-rape jokes. No thanks!

As for Austin - that's still happening? One would think no one would want to go anywhere near it after all this stupidity.

idiosynchronic said...

Austin is where Mary is or is heading to later this week.

The JibJab cartoons are an excellent example in framing and how the worst stereotypes are pushed on figures by the media. And since humor is all about someone else's pain - the worst stereotypes are the best to make jokes with.

And you won't wanna read Jesse - he defends Obama.

Seven of Six said...

JibJab's been all over the news today. I LOL when Obama running with a pink horned unicorn, (Unity Pony) catches up with it and jumps on. Actually gut busted on that one.

iamcoyote said...

Austin is where Mary is or is heading to later this week.

Mary's gone to all of them, good for her. She's a real sweetheart. And I suppose it'd be harder for people to be nasty to each other face to face.

And if you find something valuable at JibJab, I'll give it a look-see. I've never heard of them until today and I thought I was aware of all the net tradishuns. But then, I’d never heard of the Rick Roll, either, but that’s prolly ‘cos I don’t click on videos much.

As for Jesse defending Obama, it was pretty much a given, don't you think? I've been known to do it myself on occasion; most recently with my dad and brother, who are inclined towards McCain (though my dad lives in AZ, fer gawd sake!). By agreeing with them that Obama's just another politician and I don't like 'im all that much (don't hate him with a passion, either), we have to talk about the issues important to us, instead of fight over the daily scandals. When my dad brought up the Manchurian Candidate shit, I just laughed at him. It was way more effective than trying to convince him that Obama wasn't one. Thwarted, my dad tried the "but his wife is icky" crap, I laughed again. "Good thing she's not running, then," I said and that was that. My family thinks they're all sorts of intelligent; they didn't want to think they were on the wrong side of the joke.

Which is why I thought the hyperventilating about TNYer cover was the wrong way to go. Instead of jeering at the dopes who believe that shit - and there's not as many as the polls would like us to believe, IMO - the leftosphere itself validated the absurdity by taking the whole thing so seriously. That's the way the 'pukes get people to pay attention to their ravings, I think. The most powerful thing our side has is the ability to make them objects of derision, but we always stop short, because we want to be nice. Derision works. Look at the success of Jon Stewart and Colbert. Making fun works against the right, because no one wants to be on the wrong side of that joke.

iamcoyote said...

Okay, I watched the JibJab thingy. Pretty dang funny, actually. Everyone got poked, so why's everyone pissed about it?

idiosynchronic said...

Because everyone got poked, not just the guys we don't like.

I think this line of derision by the public-at-large towards both parties and government is something that really sets the Democrats on edge. For one, it fits into a frame that government can do no good that conservatives and Republicans have been selling since 1968. Plus, the netroots has been pushing and howling for a New Breed of Government that's held to higher standards since Gore's run - the video is fairly cynical about what the Democrats will actually do once in control.

iamcoyote said...

For one, it fits into a frame that government can do no good that conservatives and Republicans have been selling since 1968.

See, I didn't get that at all from the "Campaigning" video, if that's the same one we're talking about. What I saw was a long ridicule of the campaign process. I'll have to watch it again, but on first glance, it made fun of all the stereotypes and media definitions of the candidates during the primary. Going frame by frame, I'm sure there's a lot of stuff that'll offend someone, somewhere, but the same can be said of a South Park episode, too. I dunno. What's beyond parody? There be dragons?

idiosynchronic said...

And once again, we're right back at, "We don't like it when you make fun of our candidate as well as the other guy." Libs and progressives may rationalize it with the aforementioned argument.