Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dog Eat Canine. 'Cuz Dog is Derogatory.

I took the weekend off - and came back to this nonsense.

If this crap keeps up, both in the media and in the blogs, Obama is fucked like a Deadwood prostitute.

It's enough to make me go back to building computers instead of using them again. Oh, wait, I'll be doing that anyway - I have 3 Frankensteins to build and a base model MacBook to upgrade to 4 GB of RAM and 320 GB of hard disk space.


snark said...

When you build yourself up as the "change candidate" and then run smack dab into the shit pile of reality that you need to moderate, or 'center' your positions, on a lot of issues in order to get enough people to vote you into office it's not a pretty scene. 2 million individual donors isn't gonna get you into office on it's own. It's a big country of 300 million people all of whom have different views on different issues. He'll say what he needs to say to get elected. And he'll do what he needs to do to govern once elected. He's just another politician. No different than Clinton. And he's not gonna change anything in Washington....IF he manages to get himself elected.

This was my fear of the party going with the feel good "change" thingy. Obama might step in the shit before he gets the chance to step into the White House.

Anjha said...

I don't remember any candidate facing this kind of scrutiny before...from everyone.

I went back through the archives on TLC of 2004 and Kerry did not get his shit jumped like this.

It is not, however, just the people who held up Obama to some kind of insane standard who are mad at him. He cannot seem to win on any front.

There are a lot of things that I am not happy with - but I wasn't expecting Russ Feingold or anything. However, I am sure that
Feingold would be getting as much shit right about now anyhow.

The thing is, my area might be mightily progressive, but is there not an entire middle of the country that he is now trying to appeal to?

There is enough shit to go after McCain about. Why not let Obama get into office first, then hold him accountable.

idiosynchronic said...

Snark - On the flip side of this, the electorate certainly desires something other than what's currently going on. For all the pretense and false promise of change in the current 2 party system, anything different than today's government is change, no matter how minimal or shallow. Its crappy, but it is change - slightly.

And then we mock and assault the real people with change aspirations . .

I'm greatly hoping that the change is in the electorate that's going to put Obama in power - a newer electorate that's actually going to badger, lobby, and hold Obama to higher principles. I see some of that in the posts I linked to, but it's in much smaller proportions to the sour grapes & bad attitudes of certain people.

And then the whole thing about the interest rate - fuck, these people are not just throwing every piece of shit they can dig up to see what sticks. They're coating it in gorilla glue to boot.

Anjha - Kerry and Gore both got their shit jumped like this. Our memory is too short. How do you think we came up with the concepts behind goreing and swiftboating?