Thursday, July 3, 2008

So Who Won The $50 Out Of The Pool?

In case you needed any more evidence that the media totally sees the election as a competition like sports, there's these two playoff brackets from CQPolitics, creatively named "VP Madness". Which it is when you think about it, because it's not a bracket tournament, it's not a contest of athletic acumen - It's the fucking election for the control of the government of the country.

Despite what CQ is asserting, we haven't even held the NIT tournament for real - all we've done is hold a series of online progressive pollings to determine by elimination who the "VP candidate" will be.

The real information is the choice and seeding of the candidates, as well as how the voting worked out from contest to contest. The Democratic side was 'won' by Wesley Clark, whom beat Joe Biden by a bare majority. Biden beat Kathleen Sibelius and (surprisingly) Bill Richardson; Clark beat Ed Rendell and John Edwards. Inquiring minds should consider how much each candidate beat the other by when placed head-to-head - there were a number of bare majorities as well as surprising beat downs. Edwards got waxed 62-37 by Clark, and both have strong constituencies on the web. Bill Richardson should have won out over Biden, but lost in a very close vote.

The GOP winner was, *snort* Mike Huckabee. But the last contest was interesting - the very obvious choice for John McCain is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, whom is young, conservative, good-looking, and exceptionally popular. But Palin was beat like rug by Huckabee's voters, 3-to-1, after she earlier defeated Bobby Jindal and Sam Brownback. Mitt Romney didn't even make it out of the second round.

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Anjha said...

MSNBC has one too.

The thing is, because of the brackets, you actually have to eliminate someone to vote for someone else. This makes no sense, because you do not get to choose who you eliminate.

It is just a game and a BS one at that. The best thing about it is the bios.