Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm just gonna say this...

Everyone is flippin' out that Obama is not doing X and he is doing Y and he probably is not electable and what if Hillary was right and if only this or what if that and how come he is not sitting in the White House right fucking now solving problems?!?!

First of all, Chuck Todd says that a 5-6 point lead translates into something like 350 electoral votes. 350 electoral votes is really, really good.

This map is good but this one is better. Either way - Obama beats 270 in both of them. I don't care if he gets 271...just as long as it is more than McCain.

And - about those 5-6 point leads. The race is NOT a tie. And Obama's lead has been consistent and constant.

Although I did not read the earlier provided link by SoS, I got the gist of the poster being thrilled to death about Obama's ground game. The guy might have been overly creamed about registering voters, but he was not wrong about the mobilization. It is a big deal and the real deal. Not only are we registering so many new voters, the Republicans, in 26 states or so, have lost over 1.4 million registered Republicans. Remember, the polls do not reflect new voters and young people with cell phones only.

Maybe the pessimism is fueled by the trappings of a dumb ass media. Or, maybe we are all just so wounded from 7 years of the Bush Administration robbing us blind and beating us to death, perhaps the bruises are so deep that we do not believe in anything anymore. Maybe we are so used to bitching and being right about the destruction around the corner that we are incapable of dealing with anything that might be OK. Anything that might actually help this country move forward a little, heal a little, just seems like pie in the sky delusion. Don't know.

What I do know is that the other post that I was going to put up I wrote a week or so is titled "We Are So Screwed" - I just could not go there right now, again, still. I deserve to be optimistic for a minute. To feel fucking OK.

We have got to get Obama's back and start doing some of the shit for him that we all complain that he isn't doing right. We could post all of the McCain gaffes. We could outline his flips and flops and most certainly McCains absolute hypocrisy. We could even (well, the more media savvy ones) could make some very cool anti-McCain commercials. The YouTubes just right there, waiting for an upload.

Besides, I want to see this VP picked. This would just make everything right and good with the world.

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Seven of Six said...

I saw that this morning and just about creamed my shorts. I'd love for Feingold to be V/P! But I'd rather have him leader of the Senate!