Friday, August 8, 2008

It's True... Very, Very True

I heard on the radio about new prisons being built in Saudi Arabia to take the place of GITMO. I really thought I was hearing things but after searching the internet it's true: (my highlights)
Saudi Arabia is to build five modern prisons in the kingdom to replace US Guantanamo detention facility, a new report has revealed.
Jordanian daily quoted unnamed sources as saying that US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Saudi officials are cooperating to construct the prisons which are to replace Guantanamo and US secret prisons in Europe.

Riyadh is to spent about two billion Saudi Rials for the project which can accommodate up to 18000 inmates, they added.

Bin laden firm and with the help of German engineers will build the prisons in the Saudi cities of Mecca, Haer, Demmam, and Qasim.

The US has been under pressure due to violating individual rights in its detention camps in Europe and Guantanamo Bay.

UN human rights investigators have urged the White House to shut down the Guantanamo camp.
Does anyone else find it ironic that the U.S. is doing business with the Bin Laden family construction firm?

I guess it's a relief to know that Halliburton did not get the contract!


iamcoyote said...

Whoa! That's frikkin' amazing. Of course, Edwards is going to dominate the weekend. Great find, SoS.

idiosynchronic said...

Sickening. Absolutely sickening. It's a formalization and public acknowledgment that rendition has been and will continue as American policy. Rendition in all its worst forms - detainment without trial or even habeus rights, torture with without culpability, and black holes for bodies.

Anyone notice that Islam's most holy city of Mecca is on that list? If I remember right, anyone who's not a muslim is denied access to that city. (all I can find are right-wing screeds about it)

Seven of Six said...

Indeed Id, I saw Mecca on the list of cities. Surprised... maybe, but then Medina not on it.

What an escape clause for the United States... just ship 'em to the Kingdom. Nobody will bitch about it then. We'll all have to keep up on who disappears!