Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Seven of Six said...

"The reactions are a lot different when Kissinger and bu$h hear that Russia is kicking Georgia's ass! And not in the Olympics!"

What I wouldn't give to hit that fucker in the kisser!

Seven of Six said...

My son, Tristan, turned 12 today... and gets punched out at school... black eye, 3 stitches to close... and he shares the blame equally?

I told him at least it will be a birthday he'll never forget!

Anjha said...

Ah, SoS. That sucks.

Happy Birthday Tristan!!!!

My kid (12 also) has yet to be in a fight and I am not looking forward to it.

I wonder if our boys would get along well SoS? We should hook them up.

Anjha said...

gawd our Country looks so bad.

I would love to be represented by people who know how to behave in public.

iamcoyote said...

Happy B-day Tristan! Hope he gave as good as got!

Hey, SoS, did you see petey try to Ninetyith the fookin' thread at TLC? Could he be any more lame?

Seven of Six said...

petie tries to be cool... now he is one fucker I'd love to punch!

Yeah, the kiddo was bummed... especially since we are going to have a pool party on Sat. and he won't be able to dunk his head.

I don't know Anjha, he's moved away from school work and is into games and iPods and girls, my GOD!