Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Posted Without Comment

Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party shot.

He is in critical condition.

Apparently a gunman walked into his office and after being told he could not see him, pushed past the secretary and shot him three times.

Do you think Rush and Sean are celebrating? I have to wonder if their constant calls for violence have contributed to these latest shootings.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that Chairman Bill Gwatney has died. Good God. Enough is enough. My thoughts are with his family.


Anjha said...

I guess I did have a comment.

iamcoyote said...

A couple people at Sadly No knew the guy, and that he owned a car dealership in town. The shooter's "I lost my job" comment at the baptist hall down the road where he first stopped. The people in the office didn't know him, so it could be related to that. Or it could be a 'puke psycho killing off Clinton superdelegates.

Seven of Six said...

Jeez, it was big news before he died... now, nobody is covering it, or waiting for more of the gory details to emerge. Probably will be a lead story by tomorrow... sad to say but I hope it's not more sensationalistic bad news for the Dems... maybe just a normal killing... no matter how I write it, it still doesn't sound correct.

idiosynchronic said...

If you read the Dem-Gazette updates, and do some inferral, the gunman most likely used a handgun.