Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quit Losing It.

John Scalzi sez:, "Quit losing your shit over Palin.

Wise words, and certainly what I've been thinking.

Now, this doesn't mean we need to stop with good, critical articles on Palin's hypocrisies and other poor decisions. Palin should be defined by her poor record, rather than her personality, family, & sex. And we'd better do it, otherwise the GOP will make her the Second Coming.

Palin is a wealth that we would have given our left gonad for during Fitzmas. But the utter panic, usually masked by hatred? Enough.


iamcoyote said...

Heh. The godbots already think she's the second coming - my megachurch co-worker already has palin on her prayer list. It doesn't matter to her that the woman is a lying, corrupt, cheat. The church tells people who to vote for and they vote.

Of course, we just clutch our pearls and moan that we're gonna lose again! Wahhhh!

Anjha said...

But the utter panic, usually masked by hatred? Enough.

I'm not really panicked - most of the time. But I do hate her.

Really. She is a disgusting piece of work and I am having a really hard time understanding how anyone can fall for her schtick.

Also, because of this pick I am extremely busy at work and it is overwhelming. Personally, she has exhausted me.

So. I do hate her, Id. I just know too much truth about who she really is and it drives me nuts that anyone falls for it.

She has that personality that draws people in and disarms them...but there is no there there.

I really loved to watch Obama respond this morning to the lipstick on a pig nontroversy.

"Enough!" he said. "I love this country too much to be distracted by this nonsense." Or something along those lines.

I only know that the one phrase - Enough sounds very powerful. I wish all of the Dems would catch on and use that all of the time.


Everytime the talking heads have them on to talk about the nontroversies, they should all reply - Enough!

Let's talk about real things.