Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Redefining Feminism

The Republican Party is redefining Feminism and they might just get away with it.

When I see Sarah Palin, I see the opposite of what women have been fighting for these last many decades. She is dangerous to feminism because she is a woman.

I wandered onto a Christian Homeschooling Site (I won't link there because no one needs to be exposed to that trash unnecessarily.) They posted pictures of Palin and Piper at work in the governor's office with captions such as "she is working while not neglecting her children." Because, obviously, if a woman goes to work and leaves her children in daycare, she is not a real mother or a real woman.

They posted pictures of Bristol with captions such as "my mother was married at 16" and "Bristol will love being a wife and a mother." Perhaps she will "love it" and maybe the marraige will be happy and last. But Bristol's situation is one of "making due" not one of "making choices."

Now we have this little story from her little town where she excercised all of that Executive Experience.

Not only will she force rape victims to be the incubators for the result of that rape, she made them pay for the rape kits too. Unbelievable.

There are pages and pages that can be written on the danger of their redefinition of feminism. It is really terrifying to think that she can single-handedly turn back the clock on the progress that women have made. Her policies and her attitudes are anti-women and to put her forward as some kind of "New Republican Feminist" is one of the most dangerous things that the Republicans could do to those of us who actually care about women's issues.

She is dangerous and she is not a Feminist - I fear that those who made the choice to push her onto the ticket knew that Redefining Feminism would be their greatest win in all of this. They might just get away with it.

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Seven of Six said...

Make no mistake the Dobson and Perkins crowd had her in mind when this pick was made.

The real danger is... if she makes it to the Presidency. Every woman needs to be fully aware of this.