Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Fine Art of Making You Look Like An Ass

In case you missed it.

PDFs available too.

The money shot? Tom Friedman's column:
The sudden outbreak of peace in Iraq has made me realize, among other things, one incontestable fact: I have no business holding a pen, at least with intent to write.


Anjha said...

Holy crap Id, I had meant to look this up - thank you for making it easy.

This is fabulous.

Every article is amazing and possible. That is what blows me is all possible, if we work for it.

I also love the advertisements.

GM - Because We Have To (tm)


Monsanto selling the lady bug

Brilliant. Totally fucking brilliant.

I would have donated to this cause. What a way to get the message out.

I am dissappointed that the corporate media did not talk more about this. The only mentions were that it was a horrible, horrible hoax and they talked about the headline "Iraq War Ends" but they did not speak about any of the other headlines. Bastards.

It is truly a brilliant bunch of possibility.

I love it.

AND thank you, thank you for fixing the below pic. I do not know why it would not accept the smallest button when I would click it...or was there more that you had to do to resize it? If you had not have done that we would not be able to see the area of "3" which is probably about where L&L Pt 2 is.

Thank you again.

idiosynchronic said...

Oh, no problem on the pic.

And it was an absolute shame that the faux Times didn't get publicity it deserved. Corporate media, mainstream media, what ever you want to call them - when they get skewered with little love from the satirist, they get pissy. But they all go weak at the knees when FAO Schawrtz and Disney buy a half hour of the Today Show as product placement for the new customizable Muppet shop.

Anjha said...

In the article Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge, lookit the people:

Attorney General Russ Feingold

Federal District Judge Michael Ratner

Vincent Bugliosi, a former federal prosecutor whom Feingold named lead special prosecutor

Secretary of State Naomi Klein

Damn, what an excellent line-up. What I wouldn't give to see Feingold as Atty General.