Monday, December 22, 2008

A Feel Good Story of the Holiday Season

Who here can't resist "throwing a big shoe" at bu$h? I know I can't... what this young man did took some "Grande Huevos" and should be taught in schools as a way of protesting any corrupt regime, government or monarchy. Anything to delay the (illegal) process of an out going pResident from screwing over the populace during their last 60 days in office.

Tim DeChristopher Throws Utah Oil And Gas Drilling Leases Auction Into Chaos

An environmental activist tainted an auction of oil and gas drilling leases Friday by bidding up parcels of land by hundreds of thousands of dollars without any intention of paying for them, a federal official said.

The process was thrown into chaos and the bidding halted for a time before the auction was closed, with 116 parcels totaling 148,598 acres having sold for $7.2 million plus fees.

"He's tainted the entire auction," said Kent Hoffman, deputy state director for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in Utah.

Hoffman said buyers will have 10 days to reconsider and withdraw their bids if they think they paid too much.

Tim DeChristopher, a 27-year-old University of Utah economics student, said his plan was to disrupt the auction and he feels he accomplished his goal.

DeChristopher won the bidding on 13 parcels, auction records show, and drove up the price of several other pieces of land.

"I thought I could be effective by making bids, driving up prices for others and winning some bids myself," the Salt Lake City man said.

Some bidders said they were forced to bid thousands of dollars more for their parcels, while others fumed that they lost their bids...
My wish for the Holiday Season is that Tim DeChristopher has a lot of donations to help his legal fund and the federal court drags this into the Obama Administration. Then an immediate pardon from Obama.

We will know right away if Obama will fight for what is environmentally right! This case will also test Ken Salazar upon confirmation: Will he fight big corporations and their explotation of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management? Or will he stand with the environmentalist?

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Solstice, Wonderful Kwanzaa and Happy New Year.


Seven of Six said...

Good morning... my cold weather friends!

iamcoyote said...


Seven of Six said...

Poor coyote, 5 little clicks on the keyboard only... guess I'm lucky for that.

Anjha said...

We heard this on Rachel last night and cheered. I could not pay attention to it like I wanted because I had made two big pans of lasagna. Nothing says Christmas like lasagna.

It was awesome.

Now we have lasagne to eat until tomorrow and I cook the ham, etc.

In addition, I got everything to make biscuits and sausage gravy and potatoes and then it is baking all day.

I like being stuck. It gives me an excuse to cook.

Have a great holiday everyone...I will not be around much because I have a family to feed. With grandpa here it makes a huge difference in my desire to cook. My boys usually get "make yourself a sandwich" - my dad, however, gets biscuits and gravy and lasagna.

Due to all of the toiling in the kitchen, I will not be around much.

Best to all of you.

iamcoyote said...

Yum, Anjha. I've got a chicken to roast today, but first, a walk to the store for more supplies!

Judith said...

"my dad, however, gets biscuits and gravy and lasagna."

Your a good daughter Anjha.

My Dad died eight years ago, and I still miss him alot. He loved biscuits and home made gravy too.