Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter wonderland

^This is my neighborhood. If I did this right, there's more behind the curtain...

^This is the view from my back deck.

^More of the view. If you squint on clear day, you can see Mt. Rainier. This was a couple days ago. The snow on the railing is now 3 times as high as in the picture.

^Silly puppy thinks it's fun!

Nope, no one's going anywhere. More snow tomorrow, too.


Judith said...

Iamcoyote, what beautiful pictures! Such a wonderful view. Love the cute dog.

Off early tomorrow morning to help my Sister cook and prepare for the festivities tomorrow night. Our family has grown smaller over the years, but we always have at least 10 friends and their children who come and join us in Christmas cheer.

Once again, have a Merry Christmas. Oh, and please drive safely by watching out for all the idiots out there who shouldn't have driver's licenses.

Seven of Six said...

Wow, what a display... really neat to see the snow again.

Do I miss it... not that much... that said, getting sick of the super hot summers. I handled the first couple of years really well, now it's becoming a real drag.

Supposed to get more rain this week, ya-hoo!

Enjoy all the winter fun. The pooch is a cutie.

iamcoyote said...

Puppy's called Oreo, cos she's got white on her chest and tail. She just loves the snow - I think smells are sharper, cos she's always stopping suddenly, all alert. 'Course, you can clearly see bunny tracks all over the yard, so you know what she's smelling. She sticks her nose deep into drifts, too, bouncing all over the place. Pretty funny.

It's pouring down more snow right now, huge flakes, which means it's warmer, but piles higher, faster. Oh boy. I just realized my poor son may be stuck alone in his apartment for xmas day. That'd totally suck. He has no car, he walks to work, and only has a motorcycle for a vehicle. I should check the bus schedules, maybe he can come stay the night! He's only missed one xmas at home, I think, in his 27 years. C'mon and start raining, dammit!

Anjha said...

Thanks Coyote. I woulda posted pics if I'd thought of it and had my shit together.

Now they are saying "wet wnow" or a "rain snow mix" unless you are on the hills. I am on the hills and it is snowing. The flakes go smaller...which means it got colder here.

We actually do NOT want the rain to come because that will make all that snow really, really heavy.

We have already had carports and other warehouse buildings start to collapse...if rain hits this snow people are screwed and roofs will be collapsing everywhere.

I am ready for it to melt - just not for rain to hit it. At my house there is about 10-15 inches...I should go measure. I know this...it comes to my knees. I tried to brush the snow off of my bird feeders a couple days ago because they were getting really heavy and I did not want them to fall, and I sunk right down to my knees.

It is really intense right now. My hill is a lot higher than it seems - even a couple miles down the road it will be rain there but snow here.

Weather guy says it will hit 44 degrees on Saturday and Sunday and be sunny - that will allow this crap to melt with no collapses.

Thermometers now say 28 in the front and 30 in the back.


When I get tired of cooking - THEN we are in trouble. I am already getting sick of the people and wish that they would go to work and school and stuff. Luckily I can go in rooms and lock doors. Today I might have to take a long, long bath.

iamcoyote said...

You're right about the rain, Anjha, didn't think of that. But crap, it's a'comin' soon.

Anjha said...

AND - Oreo is a sweetie. The only critters that I let outside are the ones that live out there...I got my birds and my squirrels and my racoons and my hummingbirds (I have to bring the feeder in at night so that it does not freeze and I have put some makeshift insulation around it). Then there is "Calico Kitty" who is a feral one that seems to hang in my backyard (where the bird feeders are). I had to set up some winter area and food for her. Feral cat people say that she is fine - even in this weather, but I have been worried about her.

Our two kitties do not go outside - mostly because of the ones that live out there naturally.

Have a great Christmas Eve you guys.

Your neighborhood looks just like mine - cept I think yours is about 10-15 years newer.

iamcoyote said...

I think my house was built in '79, so it's pretty established here. More stuff going up around us, though. Can't believe anyone's buying new 1/2 mil homes in this economy.

Yeah, Oreo's a cutie. I'm not a pet person, but she's great. Keeps my daughter busy, too.

Man, the snow in the pics seems like nuthin' compared to the stuff dumped here just this morning. And this is supposed to be the milder of today's expected storms!

Anjha said...

I know - it keeps coming and keeps coming and keeps coming.

If I get my shit together, I will send kiddo out with a yard stick and a camera and try to get the inches. This has to be a record - if not for inches then for length of time that it has stayed around.

I do not remember it ever being like this before and I have lived here my whole life.

I will ask grandpa, pretty soon, but I gotta be prepared for a story that lasts a long time that includes people who I do not know or remember...I actually love getting the stories from grandpa. My dad remembers everything. He has told me stories these last few days about his family and my mother's family - crap that I never knew.

I am really glad that he is here. He has never stayed with us. Not once. He is very independent and very proud and it does drive him nuts that he had to leave his house.

He lives about 15 miles NE of us and it is way too snowy and deep in his neighborhood. Plus, his house is a double wide and we are concerned about the roof caving in. It is not a flat roof - so we are good there, but it is a manufactured home and I do not know how much snow (weight) that those roofs can tolerate.

OK - I am off to start cooking. Luckily husband bought an already cooked ham so that frees up my oven for more of the day of baking cookies.

Have a great day everyone!

We get to wake up on Christmas morning with snow!!! That rarely, rarely, rarely happens.