Friday, March 13, 2009

Local Filth

Short Q & A today:

If you want your own local version of Red State or Free Republic, where can you find it?

For me, it's the comments posted at the Des Moines Register. The large majority of those posters are outright deranged. They'll even kneecap the 'conservative' columnist when he says something not amenable to the Limbaugh-Savage brigade. They'd go cannibal if it meant they could pay no taxes.


Twinky P* said...

That's mild compared to Politico's follow up on Maxine Waters. Racist, sexist, hateful epithets. Ugh... I've noticed just about any major news website's comments are filled with right wing inmates - no better than Huffpo's or Yahoo's. Lotta crazy people out there.

Seven of Six said...

Gotta say the rhetoric is more amplified than ever... how unpatriotic!

Fucking losers all of them... can't stand the fact that a left of center black man is running the country in the proper direction. Hell, he's just trying to straighten the listing ship... in a Scottish accent, "I'm bailing as fast as I can Capt'n!"

Have a good weekend all!

Judith said...

Yeah, pretty scary bunch of people. For laughs, once in awhile go into the AOL comment section to read comedy. You can't believe what a bunch of uniformed bigots there are in this world. They hate Obama about as much as they hate Liberals, if not more.