Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I haven't pimped PvP before in this space, but this seems to be the best time to do it. Player Vs. Player used to be a geek-game culture thing, but as time has passed, the writer, Scott Kurtz, has broadened into other subjects, frequently causing a shitstorm when he does it. Last week's "Ombudsmen" is hysterically biting satire on the state of the newspaper comics industry, mixed in with Watchmen themes that Alan Moore himself created to criticize the comics medium with. It's The Daily Show for geeks.

My first initial comparison was to Blue Harvest (in case you're not familiar with it). The sense of humour is similar, but Kurtz is much more serious about his targets - Family Guy's writers looked on "Blue Harvest" as a project of love and Scott Kurtz simply has nothing but derision for the cartoon characters he appropriates.


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snark said...

Liked his impressions of the Watchmen movie. When he called it "super hero porn" it clicked for me that that was the impression I got while reading the novel. Not quite sure I can accurately describe why. But Kurtz' description struck a note for me.

I was gonna wait for dvd but perhaps I will make an effort to see it in the theatre.

Twinky P* said...

Heh, twas the porn what gotcha, eh?

My son liked the flick as well, and I trust his judgement on most movies. It'd prolly be better in the theater - I just hate listening to people eat popcorn. blech. I'm busy this weekend, so maybe by next weekend, the crowds will be smaller.