Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quote of the Day

Memo to The Media:

"Having Rove on to pontificate on the economy is like having Madoff on to pontificate on investing." Arianna Huffington

Arianna's response to Rove rewriting history on the Sunday talk fest.


Anjha said...

They are all re-writing history. Vigorously.

We have to make certain that none of these assholes get away with it. GW Bush is counting on it. That is why he continuously states "history will judge my Presidency..."

He believes it and they are working hard at it.

Yesterday I heard Tom Delay on Hardball (why Chris continues to give that criminal hack a platform to spew his garbage is beyond me...I know the 'I owe you' crap from Delay announcing his resignation on Hardball - but this is ridiculous.)

Delay said that "the financial crisis was not Bush's fault. He said it was the fault of Barney Frank and Frannie and Freddie and that Bush tried to stop the forcing of loans to people who could not afford them, blah, blah, blah." Delay said that "we were doing great financially until the Dems regained control of the Congress in 2006."

Even though the Dems did some good after we worked to get them elected in 2006, they did not do nearly enough and were so impotent against the Unitary Executive crap that Bush put forth that we would have been better off, perhaps, not winning in 2006.

The bottom line is that they are claiming that the truth is "rewriting history." Delay used that very term yesterday, when Chris stated facts and Delay said "don't rewrite history."

As long as these assholes are given platforms they will spew their lies. We absolutely must make certain that we speak louder and that we do not allow the people to forget the truth. We must repeat it over and over again and we must never let the Right succeed in perpetuating thier myths.

They know that they are lying and they do not care. It only matters that their myths are perpetuated and that they succeed in shaping the memories of the people.

"He who controls the past controls the future."

Judith said...

If they work for the next four years for President Obama's failure and continue to rewrite history blaming the Democrats for the "recession," then 2012 brings the chance to take back the WH.

I wish I could remember who the woman was on Meet the Press, but her righteous indignation directed towards Rove was wonderful.