Sunday, March 1, 2009

Missouri Doesn't Need PBS/NPR

Last week the State of Missouri rescinded all funding for PBS/NPR. Right now I do not know if it was due to budget cuts, or letters like these:

"Tax money should not be used to fund any radio or TV shows, esp. those aimed at adults. Get sponsors or commercials. I'm taxed to death already here in NYS. I resent my money being used without my permission to spread opinions I don't always agree with."

"Unless you can get the same funding for Michael Savage's show, I think they should have to find their own sponsors. Sorry! To me this seems like another liberal media outlet that is funded by my tax dollars. And I think the media is too liberal to begin with."

"None of my taxx dollars for the anti-american broadcast system !! "

"Stop public support for biased, anti-American and anti-Israel reporting. NPR has outlived its usefulness and the need for public funding. Let fund it!"

"As a concerned taxpayer, I would like to see all funding cut for NPR. They are nothing more than smear agents against everything this country was founded on. If they want to spout their hate speech and left biased views, let them do it without my tax dollars. The money would be better spent for additional channels for AFN for our fighting men and women serving our Nation." (I guess he means like FOX News).

>Once again the Right-Wing Conservative Yahoos are trying to destroy PBS/NPR. A petition to stop NPR is circulating yet again. I guess freedom of speech only applies to the Yahoos among us.


Judith said...

Did anyone else see where Rush said that he hopes Obama fails, so America won't? Fasting thinging I would say for an idiot.

Maheanuu Tane said...

Must be all the damage caused by inbreeding in those red states....

I have a sister who is a throwback, she is to the right of Atilla, and has about as much common sense as a Pet Rock... But, She's a CHRISTIAN and believes in her Gawd and all the other silly crap that was fed to her in what few formative days, hours, minutes, or seconds that were available for someone who is that stupic...

As far as I am concerned, the deserve what they get. I only hope is that they continue in the insanity they are living today until they actually turn into a black hole and implode into another dimension.. I said black hole as at present I consider any repig or conservative an asshole already..

Just this old Chief's 2¢

Judith said...

Maheanuu Tane, I have a brother like your sister. We no longer speak.

I do not have cable. I won't go into the reasons why, but I can tell you without cable, the television in St. Louis is stunningly stupid in it's programming. If I want to watch TV, I always go to PBS for informative, intelligent and interesting programming. However, such viewing is not acceptable by the Right. Why am I not surprised. Introducing new information, educating or giving another view point on a subject is tantamount to exploding their little minds.

idiosynchronic said...

The commons? The opportunity for others?

Fuck that shit. If it doesn't show 24, The Unit, or some sports that don't have fags in them, we're not gonna care. Shit and foreigners should be blown up and pass the Bud.

I don't consider it coincidental that it's fund raising week for the stations nationally. Which always - ALWAYS - drives me nuts because Washington Week gets replaced by Suze Orman screeching about how the middle class should get what they deserve from their money. And then crap like Yanni gets aired on primetime. *sigh*

idiosynchronic said...

Hey, Judith - where'd you pick up this information? I did a very cursory news search and didn't see anything.

Judith said...

Idio, it was on PBS all day Saturday and Sunday during their fund raising.

Judith said...

Here's the link Idio.