Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is It Live or Is It Memorex?

The Machine


I went over to MSNBC to look for an article on something else, something that I was going to write about and have been distracted by these videos.

The article at MSNBC that distracted me was on tribute bands, and how they are rising in popularity. I think that this is probably because the new bands cannot even come close to the music of my day...but there is probably a more logical explanation, like the fact that our population is filled with folks my age and a little older, who grew up on this music and we always identify - for the rest of our lives - with the music that grabbed us in our teens.

It was the video of AC/DShe that grabbed me. An all female AC/DC tribute band. How fun is that?

Then it was The Machine; a Pink Floyd tribute band. This is an amazing feat, playing Floyd, and what makes them so good is their keyboardist (I swear it is always the keyboard players that make the tribute bands...anyone can learn the guitar well enough and most guitarists grew up trying to copy their favs, and most of the singers never compare - same true, here - but the keyboardist, damn, he is fabulous.)


What tribute band would you join, if you could play? Or sing?

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Anjha said...

Been watching videos of that Floyd tribute band and they are pretty damned good.

What I should have said about the guitar players...instead of "anyone can learn" is that I have known a lot of really good guitar players in my day, most of whom could do a great job on covers, but I have only known one excellent keyboardist.

It kinda sounded snobby in the post and I did not mean it that way.

For me, I suck. I cannot play a single musical instrument, cannot sing and have absolutely no rhythm...I could never even do ta-ta-te-te-ta in elementary school with the tamborine or triangle or bells or whatever it was. I am not musically inclined that is not where my artistic energies I would not join a tribute band. [Though I might be a groupie of one.]