Thursday, February 26, 2009


I haven't written anything lately nor have I read anything lately. Why bother. The world is coming to an end, the sky is falling, and the hand we have been dealt is unplayable. Perhaps the only answer is to burrow into a dark hole and die.

The stimulus bill passed, and right on cue, the Republicans have made it clear we're in for four years of partisan trench warfare. However, the Republicans aren't the only problem. The media gives the impression that the election had a different outcome than it did, and that the majority of Americans are not behind this stimulus bill. The media instead of supporting bipartisan efforts by President Obama, eagerly swallow lies fed to them by the Republicans and the Republicans (who continue to consistently dominate the news shows), continue to lie. According to the media and the Republicans, there is no hope.

I am not a therapist or a Ph.D. in anything, but I know one thing for sure, you can't keep telling people every night that there is no hope and all is lost without consequences. Why would I buy a house, or a car, or invest in the market or a new business, when all I hear is economic doom and gloom?

The cost of all this doom and gloom spreads this contagious influence to the public at large, running the risk that the words become a self-fulfilling prophesy. There is a loss of confidence already in our future, and it continues to heighten the degree of doom and gloom for our economic prospects of recovery. I don't need the media to tell me 24/7 of the enormous economic uncertainty.

The point is, the financial problems are being addressed, but without the help of the media and the opposition, how can we restore order and confidence?


Seven of Six said...

Nothing wrong with Judith!

Nice rant... yup, still the same ole' republi-cons... as long as Obama fails, and they get rich everything works for them... regardless if America is in the trash bin!!

Judith said...

Well, let me tell you a little story. There is a closed community here where the 1 percenters live. You know, the ones who George W. Bush protected and made richer. Well, it seems crime has come to this little rich community for the first time. Robbery! The Republicans and their wealthy friends might want to consider what happens when the masses can't feed their families. Oh, and I am not talking about one little robbery. I'm talking about organized hitting of many homes all at once. As I always say, you can't build those walls high enough when people are desperate.

Anjha said...

Thing is it is not the same ole same ole.

I have been paying very close attention since I cannot do much else and things are different.

One very interesting thing is the detail and interest in which the media reports what is going on. Every single day since the beginning of this administration, MSNBC has been playing the entire frikkin WH press briefing.

This was never done during the Bushie rain. Never, ever, ever, ever. They did not even report on what the Bush Admin was doing. It is truly amazing to watch - and it is backfiring.

The people want to know and they want to pay attention. The idea, I think, besides just ratings increases because people would have to watch the SPAN to see the press briefing, is that the media is trying to play some kind of a gotcha game with the Obama Admin but it is backfiring because the people are paying attention and they like what they see.

They like it.

So it is backfiring on the media elite.

It is really interesting.

Of course there have been more Pukes than Dems talking on all of the shows, etc, but the thing is they are just exposing themselves as the dumb asses that they are. The people are not buying their crap.

It is great. Truly.