Saturday, February 28, 2009


They'll be mortified I linked them - but anyone wondering where some of our posters went . .

One thing, you bring any political bags over, they'll kick your ass.

I'm still waiting for discussion and comments about last night's Battlestar. It's a twisty one. Who expected the StarChilde to already be under your nose?


Anjha said...

its a cause some peoples hates the politicking...and anything at all that has to do with anything at all that has to do with politics.

Me thinks that they do not want to be found.

Twinky P* said...

Yikes! *swipes beer cans and pizza boxes into the closet*

We weren't up to anything, honest! *kicks bong under the coffee table*

We were just over here chatting! *flings dirty socks and undies into the back room*

C'mon and play! *grins stupidly*

And I'm the only BSGer in the bunch, so no one will play with me on that show. I was wondering if you still watched, idio. I haven't watched last night's yet, but I'm gonna go do it now, cos I wanna know what up with the kids. Still, the whole revelation seemed anticlimactic, didn't it? Ellen? Where did she come up with the snazzy wardrobe, I wonder. Do basestars have replicators? I'll be back when I've watched...

Judith said...

Twinky P., you crack me up.

Twinky P* said...

So Starbuck's the original StarChilde? Is that what's going on? I read a thing in EW that her story will be left ambiguous, so I'm not investing much in finding out the whole thing for her. Some are saying she's the Daniel line that Cavil(?) mentioned in passing when Ellen was downloaded. I didn't pay much attention, anyhow. Do we know where Sharon's taking Hera? Is there an evil base star lurking behind the fleet? They seem to have been forgotten in the whole narrative. There's a whole Cylon fleet now rudderless, right?