Thursday, April 23, 2009

And The Hits Keep On Comin'

The Million Militia Man March (h/t to Deeth)

A peaceful demonstration of at least a million — hey, if we can get 10 million, even better — but at least one million armed militia men marching on Washington. A peaceful demonstration. No shooting, no one gets hurt. Just a demonstration. The only difference from any typical demonstration is we will all be armed.
Sorry fellas, fiction already lapped your stupid.
Midwestern militia groups revolt against their local governments in protest of rampant U.S. adventurism overseas and, in the absence of the National Guard, are able to gain far more ground than they thought possible. Small insurgent groups pop up in towns and cities across the country, and a sizable force, the Free States Army, pushes toward Manhattan. The city proves too big for them to take, and also for the U.S. Army to defend. The war stalls there, a stalemate, neither side being able to shift things.[5]

Update: It's that type of day. The Onion on Facebook, "NEWSWIRE: 138 Dead After Loud Sneeze At NRA Meeting" A backfire in D.C. could kill tens of thousands.


Seven of Six said...

So what's the deal with Obama... I mean, why doesn't come right out and say there will be no sucession talk so STFU!

Or does he just want these idiots to keep making fools of themselves more... be marginalized by the remaining sane individuals in the U.S.?

What an embarrassment!

Anjha said...

I am not allowed to watch the video. It says "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."WTF?

I get the gist tho. [Over at your link someone video taped it and I saw it. Oy.]

These people are just fucking frightening. I do not understand. I do not understand how these dickwads did not go and take to the streets when W wiped his ass with our Constitution. We documented for 8 fucking years the destruction of America. We fought against it. Now, three months after a Dem WINS the election in a landslide they are rising up.

These people do not give a damn about America. They do not care about our Constitution. They are anti-Dems. That is it. It has to be.

If they cared about our Country and preserving our Republic then they would have been raising hell during GWs reign...since they did not and waited until a Democrat was legally elected and installed to rise up - they have given themselves away.

I believe, SoS, that Obama is not shutting them down because they are hanging themselves with their crazy. The people can see just how batshit crazy that they are.

Twinky P* said...

Isn't insurrection illegal?

Twinky P* said...

another VA Hospital scandal. Not good at all.

Judith said...

They are indeed batshit crazy, and dangerous.

It is obvious that these are the Right Wing Wackos who loved George Bush. In fact, these are the people who put him in power twice. Believe in America and the Constitution? You have got to be kidding. These are the brown shirts of the good old USA. You know them. They post at TLC all the time.

Judith said...

Wonder if Homeland Security is keeping tabs on these potential terrorists?