Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And Somewhere, Scott Roeder Laughs

George Tiller's Clinic Closing Permanently

(Via Huffpo)

The real terrorists--the ones Upton Sinclair talked about--have won. Don't you see this? That loathsome man, that cretin, that simpleton pawn of a morally bankrupt faith engaged in an act of violence, and his aims--to cow, to terrorize, to deny the rights of others--have been achieved. But still we stand by. We say nothing. We do nothing.

This is a group of people who use the mentally ill to do what they never could. Because they're weak. They're cowards. And we've let them dominate us. Again.

Shame on us.


Seven of Six said...

How many abortion clinics are currently open in America right now? Where can a woman go and get an abortion if needed?

When fundamentalist's freaks make us live in fear from what's legal... they have won! How very, very sad.

iamcoyote said...

Now where will the preacher's daughter go to get rid of her dad's "love" child, eh? Fuck 'em all. Time to start targeting these cocksuckers for the Phelps treatment. Get names and addresses of all Operation Rescue fuckwads, put 'em on billboards with the word "Terrorist" all over the country, get 24/7 protesters outside their houses, workplaces, schools, terrorize their families, fuck them over for jobs. Fire with fire baby. Not like this republic's worth saving anyhow.

Twinky P* said...

Dang, I thought that bitch coyote was gone for good...fookin' blogger and gmail....