Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Repost - It's ClintonBall All Over Again.

I fucking told you so. So what forms of domestic terrorism are going to crop up next with bloody pusbags like Randall Terry gassing to enraptured cameras and microphones about how the victim got what he deserved.
. . it seems that the 30%'ers are re-arming the militia and gettin' good 'n' crazy again.

It's all anecdotal of course until a researcher with small-bucks backing does the work to prove that Americans have reverted back to 1992 with paranoid nutjobs in the bushes worrying over Janet Reno's black helicopters. God knows we won't have investigative journalists doing the work on a newspaper payroll, unless they're freelancing out of desperation. Meanwhile, those bellicose right-wingers keeping working the shtick 'for ratings' while inciting some of the worst fears of America.

When is it going to become obvious to the rest of the country that the right-wing Wurlitzer is the disease?

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Twinky P* said...

Shit, even that Turley guy on Maddow wouldn't call the anti-life folks terrorists after Rachel had done a tremendous piece chronicling the last 30 years of terrorism by the freakshow right. I didn't realize how many incidents there were, which is the point. I wonder if anyone else said anything about the reign of terror, I can't stand any other tv "news" shows enuff to find out. Dang.